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  1. Immortal, 0:49 (lowest was a 48 but i'm too lazy to grind down that fraction of a second)
  2. No 100% random mission? Is this an out of season april fools joke?
  3. Someone posted a picture of their 0:56 on EtW, but here's my video on it. Nothing really impressive to it, Kapow Punch x3 at start & you've got a 3/4 chance to skip a room by spamming Z just by existing. To make matters better, just in case you wiff a kapow punch on NPCs you can just substitute mont blanc. Even if it isn't exactly difficult to do I find it satisfying to watch personally. Can be done with very minimial set-up if your buff/sentimental point management is good. Good Heroics, Decent ERP, Proper accessories and grats this should very much be plausible for you. A few tips for skipping, try casting Inner Aurora at the last possible second, makes the window for casting a skill upon entrance noticeably larger. We've got harmony steak from idol pouches as of the posting of this screenshot so you can try and use those for temp giant's pot and use geb's blessing instead for 5% phys attack ( Yes they give an apple buff, however the text for it isn't there ). stats at the time, they've changed since then stats: 44k raw, boss dmg 77%, 162.5% ASD ( 178.5% Bravery ), 190% Crit dmg erp: 17 Max MP, 100 ASD, 50 Polarize, 50 Boss dmg
  4. This'll probably be a post where I update my stats

    Stats update



    El Tears
    +11 2+ Polarize
    +11 2+ Party Phys Attack
    +11 5* ASD
    Phys Def Ignore 10%

    Skill Tears
    All Inf Strike 12%

    ERP ( Level 261 )
    50 Max MP
    100 ASD
    50 Polarize
    50 Dmg to Boss Monster
    11 Skill MP Reduction

    w/ Head Hunter + Vine Crown


  5. +1 I'd really like to see the pie become permanently accessible. Feels like I got a lot out of the pie and know a lot of friends that echo the sentiment about it's effectiveness as a gateway item for harder content. Suppose it does become permanent, having it return to being accessible via an NPC at a reasonable price ( or originally price but I wouldn't hold my breath ) would be the most ideal scenario for players imo. Alternatively I wouldn't mind seeing them as a permanent addition to Nauen exchanges and being tradeable on the BM as a result. Maybe some amount of APink cards for a stack of 30 ~ 90 or so. Anyway, TLDR; Yes I'd very much like to see these potions become permanently & easily accessible in some fashion.
  6. More updated stats






  7. Grinding ERP be like


    feels immortal man

  8. i want the dab motion so bad

  9. we've come so far since the first post where i only 1:09 still don't know how to HA when entering the boss room but that's all g because i did it stats under here +11 Stage 13 Immortal i used rage cutter tears