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  1. I do agree with u but at least those people are doing their part to clear the dungeon, at least they deserve to earm ed, exp, and items... But leechers? Hell no.
  2. This new system is 100% leechers' oriented. People spend tons of pots carrying some lazy people for nothing just to see them sometimes drop good items. +1!!!
  3. I'm patient AF, I knew that the day 3rb jobs come is so far, I got used to it, But, are you guys too busy because of coding the 3rd jobs that you cannot check for some Ban Appeals post, that 've been posted for days? I'm patient when still here waiting and watching out the Staff do their works on this server, I know that VoidEls is just slowly and some ways bored AF because of updating the game. Then, all I want now is just checking for my Ban Appeal post, it's been posted for days, and there're people that waiting for checking too, so please, I'm not losing my patience for the 3rd jobs update, I lost it when I have to bump the post everyeveryday. Thanks
  4. Ruoi

    Dear Lilu,

    Please respond to my topic, it's been more than 15+ hours already :(