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  1. This probably has been suggested before, i did actually a year or 2 ago. But please increase the blessed fluorite stack count, give us more options ( 50 and 100 ).
  2. Depending on the coding a increase amount of people would be considerable to change, Adding a new spawn point would help as well. Suggestions welcome
  3. Hello, I would like to address the Add theory dungeon for single player. It has occurred that this dungeon is a struggle for some to complete and also is a pain to grind through alone throughout each day. For many players new and old the ATD(Add's Theory Dungeon) could be lighter on the grind and time if a duo option for users could be added. While many may say that grinding alone has been a struggle and would be unfair to make it Duo-player; This suggestion is not asking for higher chance RNG or guaranteed drops just one more player. Void Elsword is a private server that meaning things can be done that are not on the official servers, so if at all possible (despite some coding) a duo-dungeon for Add's Theory Dungeon would be a benefit to several. Thank you-