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  1. Summer event should last as long as a summer xd jk, but it should be at least two months, people have lives to attend to +1
  2. Bump. It's kinda disgusting that they think 3 fragments for a weekly quest is good enough.
  3. How do I like a comment twice
  4. Shit I voted no because I thought it was removing Adrian's palace altogether, and then I read the GE bit at the end and I want to take my vote back so badly fuck fuck fuuuuck
  5. Bump. Funny how a revamp as desired as this, is being ghosted.
  6. +1, 3 fragments is like KoG chucking tiny grains of sugar at us per week
  7. +1, getting pouches with the slim ray of hope for a +10 was motivating. However, +13 is kinda overkill. +11 I would maaaybe get, as long as the chance is like a .1% chance also wanted to add, the argument of "I hate RNG" is completely retarded because at least you have a chance of getting something, why the hell would you rather get nothing one pouch per run, that's like getting free lottery tickets; just because you burned through a ton of them and didn't win the jackpot, you're saying fuck it? That potential cash money isn't worth it even though you're getting chances at it for FREE? completely bogus
  8. Just a waste of inventory slots, right?
  9. I don't know what the rewards would be, and I don't want the rewards to be too OP for simply logging in. But idk, it would be a bit of an incentive to log in everyday. If a login reward system were to be implemented, what could the rewards be? Rewards for say, a 1 week streak, 1 month, 2 months, 1 year, etc etc.
  10. Name/Nickname: Amo IGN ( precise main and alts ): amo901 Class : Richter Timezone* : AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) About you * : Hello, I'm 18 and I like playing games, watching anime, reading manga, all that NEET antisocial crap lol. And one of those games I enjoy is Elsword, despite how tedious and repetitive doing the same dungeons over and over can be, I'm somehow reeled back in. Why do you want to join : I've never been in a guild before so I thought this might be a good first start, I've been invited by random people before but since it came out of nowhere I usually just declined but yeah.
  11. Basically its when new stuff invalidates old stuff and makes it obsolete, I'm not saying Elsword has this issue, but how do you feel about it, and would you be alright with it if it was a thing in Elsword?
  12. Ah, I'm farming Henir but I'm also farming for Heroic Gear because of the fact that as long as I have the invitations, I can keep repeating it, unlike Henir's 3 time entry per day But yeah, thanks for all the help! Maybe I'll give you a notification if I need any more assistance in all this business haha I've got 4 level 99 characters but only recently have I started farming Henir and Heroic, so I'm still learning the ropes xd once again, thanks