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  1. I grinded my ass off for the Elite HH (I'm extremely lazy when it comes to grinding) Didn't regret it yet
  2. Owlet

    Hello VoidEls!

    Welcome! If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a msg~
  3. I got 0 shards several times in SDs too, btw. That's actually awful, but I don't feel that bad since the craft fees were decreased
  4. Ikr, but still, why shouldn't people resell current Event items which need grinding forever? That's the topic about. Ofc it's stupid that people abused free stuff in the past but we can't change it for now.
  5. But honestly.. do you think people will grind the fuck out of the event just to abuse it? I mean, last year's +10 was free with a timer. But this one does need shards + ED. Even if the amount of both will be lowered, it is still more work to do than just sitting around with a Lv. 99 character. Also, don't forget you only get one core per account. That means people would need several geared accounts OR friends which carry them to get enough shards in this small amount of time. People who grinded the amount several times should be able to sell/trade that stuff imho. I literally did play every day and I am at 280 shards. They deserve it.
  6. Owlet

    Suggestions for the current event

    Idk, if you're still looking forward for some information about it, but I was running Altera SD most of my time and after I about 100 dungeons I barely got 180 shards. (Btw I ran 30 Add dungeons inbetween, got almost nothing there too) In very few cases I got 5, sometimes I got none, but most likely 1 or 2.
  7. +1, I guess I'd try to +11 on all my weapons if there were any sales or packages. 2 per year are enough for the beginning, if it works out for them they could higher it to 3 or 4 later
  8. Owlet


    Welcome to Void! Feel free to pm me, if you'll need a SD carry or someone to talk to
  9. Owlet

    i'm back.

    Welcome back!
  10. I agree. After almost 3h of grinding I am at 80/999 shards. I need about 2.45min to clear Altera SD once and how is it possible to get 0 of them out of a whole SD. Wtf?
  11. Owlet

    IM packages

    +1, there's no reason why they shouldn't add it. I was wondering for years, why they didn't add some packages yet
  12. There is a MW master post, you might try your luck over there! Almost everything suggested in the topic has been added to the MW yet Edit:
  13. Owlet

    The Magical Girl, or the Demon Duo?

    LuCiel. I definitely like Lu more than Aisha
  14. Owlet

    The Gold Avatar Weapons

    I don't think it is suitable for this Event, but probably as exchange at the next Spring Event? The color fits spring too imo So +1 for the idea itself, but not this Event. :V