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  1. *team ignia* *vote for 100% random mission and enhance pack* *look at the result* me: WHAT THE **** WITH HUMANITY?
  2. Normally I don't kick other player unless they are laggers. To me, kicking system is necessary. I had seen this so many times in 11-4: some players run straight foward, see creeps, stop and wait there till someone go kill them, then keep running. ^This, is leecher. And they definitely deserve kicked out. They don't even try to fight. With new update, reward had been increased equal to solo, leechers appear more and more often. So annoy when I have to put everything I have in damage to clear, lose my pots and they just buff their ED rate, drop rate to max and wait to be carried. Truth that Kicking system sometime give low level players annoy. But removing it = leechers everywhere.
  3. (Sorry for my bad English) With the new update, Hero's Assemble buff had been removed from solo retrying. It means, when you retry running a dungeon without a party, you will no longer receive the buff. As what I know, the less people you have in party, the more damage buff help you deal. So it is really useful when you have to/want to solo, farming non-stop. Removing this buff from solo retrying make you have to get out and requeue again and again. This give leechers a lot off advantages, specially when queuing time had been reduced and reward had been increased equal to solo. They just need to buff their ED rate, drop rate, wait a bit to catch an OP who have to get out and requeue. To me, It is pretty annoy when I can't clear faster, lose my mana pot and leechers get even more reward than before. I'm not rich and not that OP. I know that this update is to increase interaction between OPers and newbies but I think Reducing queuing time is good enough.
  4. Just a small thing for anyone who want to raise their cp a liltle bit but don't have so much ED: Title "Key to victory" (12-3) give 4k more cp than Guardian of Close Space (300 el reward)
  5. Chocolate bar is added to dungeons and some quests. Does this mean it will drop randomly in dungeons?