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  1. Mate? you're okay?hope everything is alright on your end.

    1. LonerHero


      I Quit long ago. It's not worth the time neither it's fun game anymore.

    2. Ashless


      It's kinda sad to hear that but you made a choice and I don't have nothin against it.

      hope you do good out there mate.

      like I said before, you're one of the most devoted,goody,best LKs I've ever run into in Elgaia (both NA and Void).

      You shall be missed.

      May the best be bestowed upon you, mate.


  2. how to get into PvE

    Make certain gear set up for doing dungeons. Heroic is not worth the time and challenge anymore.
  3. I genuinely didn't want it to bother but to pull this something out of my chest that I have been bothered about it for a while after looking at this discussion over and over from others. If you seriously so concerned about PvP brokenness remove the system overall. Taking out one of the few features in ERP is absolutely unnecessary and none of this will fix pvp brokenness either way it's beyond to be fixed and the only way to do so is PvP Heroic mode. Competitive PvP is also a joke. +1 or remove ERP as a whole.
  4. Scroll+11 (Amulet)

    Yes in hell burner you just have to be lucky.
  5. Make S+ Stones craftable for PvP only

    @Structure @Poppy @Stay
  6. Make S+ Stones craftable for PvP only

    we get it it's grind intensive we get it that you must work for it cash or quit like any other games Sherlock. zzzzz Guess my joke didn't made sense fair enough.
  7. Make S+ Stones craftable for PvP only

    Which only earned if you are blessed through heaven's RNG luck.
  8. Make S+ Stones craftable for PvP only

    People would want to achieve maximize as high as possible, so they are actually needed.
  9. Make S+ Stones craftable for PvP only

    I voted no because There is already a lot ways for PvPing to make income through selling alchemist items which most people wants. If you are talking about making massive ED 200mill and more in one go then simply $$$. PvP already received so much goods and alchemist items explains it more than enough. If you are an alchemist and know how you cope with it then it's guaranteed easy ED making. 90% of this game is PvE.
  10. I stopped bothering after reading "Elsword is actually a game that became challenging"...etc. Yeah sure mash your face on the keyboard till you win. There is no fun in this game if you just gonna watch the guide and go do accordingly. I'd rather have blind run and come up with my own things to understand the mechanics rather than non stop watching videos to understand boss mechanics. Personally I feel that guides are just mostly review from what you have learned its not as critical as gearing your char so you don't waste all of your efforts and end up making something that you don't feel worth it. Elsword was never challenging to begin with and it never will be ever. It always makes you gear enough to actually stand a chance for the most dungeons at the current state and thankfully void were kind enough to give us starter box to level through our characters.
  11. Santa posting stats here, just in case.

    welcome to transcendence meta.
  12. Friendly advice you don't fucking need a tier list for transcendence play who the fuck you want.
  13. XAMAS event felt like a waste after 1000 pulls nothing felt worth I mostly done it for inventory expansions. But hey at least having recovery potion is always good thing right ?
  14. Lord Knight 1vs1...Again

    Impact smasher is good but there are just so many other options... +1 Airkir. Ever since with this recent elemental changes it's not very convenient. There are better options than impact smasher, I would rather have skills like rolling smash that gives hit stun instead of just stun chance.
  15. What's the cheapest IB set?

    AA is stupidly burned either that or chocolate VAK