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  1. wrong it's multiplicative then additive read what @VoidCM said smh if you have 100% it's 100X800= 800 then 800+800 = 1600%
  2. wrong, it's multiplicative as it was said....
  3. So did Elesis get her gale nerf and did BQ get her buff this patch??
  4. people still going off on drop rate lmao.. let me just put this here from what [GM]Yata™ said and why you get zero sometimes "If you recall the void cafe event, after the first week we introduced very high chance boos drops to make sure people would get at least something in a run however, as it turned out later, this messes with the drop tables too much in a certain way - most notable example would be 11-5 dropping close to 0 tears for the entire duration of the event, which is something we can't really fix and/or alter, and leaving players with next to no boss drops for the entire region/dungeon isn't particularly fun either" so even if they were to make it so you get something every time it would not work the well as they said
  5. I love how when i'm updating the game Windows is like "There is a new update" Windows plz get the f out off here OOF!!!!!
  6. did you delete the old one and download the new one because that fixed it for me today
  7. same even when i redownload the game it will not put files that are missing when i launch the game to update hmm
  8. what happened to 123qwttt happen to me too and i did not do the NA method hmm
  9. got it guess i will wait tell the next day ^-^
  10. any one know why mine is stuck 216.0b?? i tired many times...