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  1. nig

    Weekly Bonus Cycle

    haven't seen a suggestion this successful in years +1
  2. I dont like anything that happened after adding transcendence also people who get mad at others who bought all their gear/ibs instead of grinding for it in a game. i guess working hard irl for money doesnt mean shit compared to spending hours on end in a game
  3. i would remove ANY aether skill just to have this back for a day
  4. PDr isn't an ib and hasn't been released in god knows how long Its really more of a collectors set now You're gonna have to buy from someone who probably will overprice the hell out of it
  5. people kinda get obnoxious with the additional lines so -1 for me idk why people can't settle for 3.. you have an About Me section on your profile too? people cram way too much shit in their signature
  6. it's cuz they're not obliged to give you a reason on why you were banned is what structure said i think, or ran anyways bye and good luck
  7. Void will never be as active as it was in 2014 with 5 pages in Spar full of chill rooms
  8. Kamukura kamukura yas queen
  9. Thank you for your rant
  10. nig


    Just skimmed through to see Ibuki Mioda in weebanese
  11. What will we do without you making threads in the random section Donkey kong country will miss you