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  1. I think GM not seeing this Thread .-. I hope 2.6 have this update tho
  2. I Agree with this , Void Have Old IB Content , Why Not ? for Old Raid Weapon ?
  3. Ei8th


    Who's lazy Farming add dungeon ? xD i have 3 Type void Cube (2 Used for Add and Eve), I just want to try the PErkisas Weapon xD
  4. Ei8th


    Maybe xDDDD
  5. Ei8th


    Hahaha Friend On Game , But he is My Brother :/ , Can My brother Scam me ? xD hahaha xD , Hope GM See this
  6. Ei8th


    If the GM at Good Mood , Maybe They will make it Can trade xDDD
  7. Ei8th


    thats why i ask GM bruh , To make it tradable xD
  8. Ei8th


    Uhhh , U know the Perkisas Elite and Unique Rarity right ? that was is mean for tradable with seal
  9. Ei8th


    Hello , Can GM Make Perkisas Weapon of Greed Tradable wih Gold Seal ? , The Unique one ? , because i want to buy Perkisas from My Friend for 100M
  10. Cya All, Im Leaving Void, Because Banned (Hacked By Someone In Swiss), I knew Because I have Visited my gmail acc today and My Void and Gmail pass is same, so... THANKS FOR ALL
  11. Welcome ! Hope U Enjoy in Here XD
  12. Cya Squid XD , Good Luck With Your Life