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  1. Cya All, Im Leaving Void, Because Banned (Hacked By Someone In Swiss), I knew Because I have Visited my gmail acc today and My Void and Gmail pass is same, so... THANKS FOR ALL
  2. Ei8th

    Hmm.. Hi.

    Welcome ! Hope U Enjoy in Here XD
  3. Ei8th

    Good-bye Void!

    Cya Squid XD , Good Luck With Your Life
  4. Ei8th

    New at forum~

    Welcome To this Server and The Forums, Hope u Enjoy In Void
  5. Ei8th

    Im back !! :D

    Hi Im back :D , Im Back To This Server All :D, Today I Want to Level Up My Character Till level 99, Anyone Can Help ?
  6. After 3 Month Playing Elsword KR, Im Going Back to Void, Because Void Now Have 3rd Job and Many Updates
  7. Ei8th

    Im Back All :D

    Hi Everyone, I'm back To this Server again :D, Now 3rd job is available, Now the server is like KR and NA, Thanks Admin
  8. Ei8th

    Bye Elsword Void

    @HerrscherThanks, I will be back to this server after the 3rd job is available in this server
  9. Ei8th

    Bye Elsword Void

    @xVaffReverie Ei8th too, If u play At Other Server like Japan , Void , NA , International , KR , China , Taiwan , europe My Name Still Ei8th on any Elsword Server XD
  10. Ei8th

    Bye Elsword Void

    @NexturiHahaha, U dont want to P2P for F2P game Right ?? then u should Ask Someone In Korea to make Nexon KR account for U
  11. Ei8th

    Bye Elsword Void

    Thanks, All
  12. I have Migrated to KR Elsword, i still love Void but There is No Update of 3rd job :(, I love Void Because so much Free Item in Item Cash, soo maybe i wil back after 3rd job is Available on this server, SEE U ALL
  13. Ei8th

    How many void weapon you have

    I have Tried : Mad Paradox , Code Sariel, Bloody Queen on KR server, Code sariel is OP as F**k, But Code:Sariel Stats is Decreased :'v
  14. Ei8th

    Why do you play Void Elsword?

    Why i Play Void Elsword ?? Good Question.. I only Wan't To Try This Void server, I Think It has More Faster Update than NA but... Still 2nd job in this server :'v, NA = 3rd job 2nd path KR = 3rd job 3rd path