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  1. Hurtful

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    iframes were removed from ace in the hole like a billion years ago I believe
  2. Hurtful

    Arena revamp/improvements

    can we at least remove beers from the arena cube literally 0 sense to put an UNTRADEABLE potion in there like wdf can't even put that shit in the bank nice 1 void gaming
  3. Hurtful

    Magic Wardrobe Masterpost (UPDATED AS OF 10/12)

    heart shaped lollipop + sweet valentine's day teddy bear
  4. i c you are online

  5. Hurtful

    Official 1vs1 Memorable moments.

    [insert clip of AlphaQ burning mana with a wedding skill]
  6. ign : Runecraft Class: sariel Guild: mythos
  7. Hurtful

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    OMG ITS NAIVETY WDF damage comes from hell stone [mod] + void balls
  8. Hurtful

    Share Your Stats! v2

  9. Hurtful

    The Dance of the Jacks Tournament

    Swordcraft Twilight SS CHUNSUMIDA Daybreaker Whoreo Oz S
  10. Hurtful

    Sachiko tier list VoidEls 2.4

    thing is with ces is that they don't need to play neutral at all since they clock with all their summons out and they really control the pace of the game with hp/mp clocking unless it's an aisha they're fighting. Oberon with proper tourney stats actually starts to chunk over time I do feel like fp can fuck her up though since bullets are legit hell //unsure on the rest
  11. i wuv u baby

  12. what a fukin mess ++++++++ Things to improve for next tournament Be way more strict on rules, we had people showing up with radiants 3/3 on a DAY 2 ???????? This slowed down the tournament a ton because we had players staying in ready stance with the banned accessories, and then taking ages to unready and unequip....... || in order to keep up the pace of the tournament so it doesnt take 400 hours, i suggest dqing but that might seem abit extreme Don't allow spectators to talk - simple, but for some reason wasn't properly enforced this month. also actually warn people for toxicity because towards the end of the tournament that got really fucking out of hand, we all know if inaste pulled that shit they'd be dq'd on the spot no questions asked