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  1. I would really want something that would motivate people to grind a lot!
  2. Kinda stumbled upon those that i mentioned only in my life here lol Anything still here? I came back after a loong looong break, kinda wanted to try things out once again and idk if there's still fun people to play with
  3. I wonder if chung's prices will get higher now that he's much better to play
  4. Im looking forward to see HNOr soon too Maybe an all 3 ET ib's rotation would be fun to see too
  5. Hello, could there be a place for me?
  6. Well Name: Jacob IGN: CometPussy Character/Class: Chung IP Level: 99 115 ERP Timezone: Central European Age(optional): About yourself: That basic artsy gay guy that's mostly lazy but tries his best uwu
  7. I've applied on your discord first, Isn't it a problem? Or should I've do this on forum at first ;
  8. Oh well, I've applied on yours discord first. I hope it wasn't a mistake that I haven't done it here but hi o/
  9. Hello, Im looking for a guild that is pve mostly. And please dont claim yourself a friendly guild when you push away and distance others that just want a reason to log in to the game, I dont want to experience stuff like that again. xoxo 2018-02-28 still looking
  10. That's my +8 DC, still need a lot more crit but broke af right now
  11. I play Chung since he came out on EU servers, It's still fun to play him. Used to play IP mostly but now trying to change to DC