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  1. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/457903611247198208/594039871874793473/image0.png meme
  2. no free 2.6 goodies? Although despite all my previous meme comments ty for the hard work
  3. Called it :> void can't go for a month without events and the maintenance was late today
  4. the maintenance is late 2.6 or summer event :hype:
  5. people never banned DiE and RH back when they were total monsters might i add SD's Flying kite? BH's flame wall, the running aisha, the CeS summon run to win nah, if anything just sparring gear and stat caps on tournaments rather flat out banning a character lul
  6. +1 because it would actually motivate me even more to play even with events down
  7. *Inserts Laby Prices* Tbh Ciel is literally the new dirt cheap, since people are starting to notice Elboy
  8. Accessories -1, your comparing an OP accessory with a useless weapon. tbh the Eltrion/Drabaki weapons weren't anything special, more of a downgrade of Legend Perkisas weapon. -1, As much as i am bitter not getting any accessory after all the raids, its best if a person gains it from actually dropping rather than buying it off. +1, tbh i'd like the blazing crystals to drop even if there are no 0% people.
  9. Double piano is already in-game its just extinct because its been 2 years since its last release. *coughs* Ieru *coughs* Marriage system revamp will be on 2.6 hopefully (No ETA Meme) Rock n roll, Recliner & bench sits will be on events obviously because void always does that :meme: I don't remember any tap dance sets tho.