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  1. Cool old relic of the past That said If it was a Legend Perkisas weapon it would've been worthwhile... so just keep farming up on Add dungeon its pretty easy to get within 50-100 runs nowadays
  2. https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/457903611247198208/594039871874793473/image0.png meme
  3. Risky profit Ice burner (All Char) Never go Per char. That said easiest way to sell EC is thru ICE burners #2 all char literally selling at 10.5-13m atm.
  4. no free 2.6 goodies? Although despite all my previous meme comments ty for the hard work
  5. Called it :> void can't go for a month without events and the maintenance was late today
  6. the maintenance is late 2.6 or summer event :hype:
  7. shared bank space, max that out and then the main you absolutely will never quit bank personal space then go for a fetch aura and your pretty much set selling wise rates are 9:100 - 10:100 fastest way are fluorites and ice burners, or be a humble person and sell mega EC service so we can actually buy costumes kek.
  8. people never banned DiE and RH back when they were total monsters might i add SD's Flying kite? BH's flame wall, the running aisha, the CeS summon run to win nah, if anything just sparring gear and stat caps on tournaments rather flat out banning a character lul
  9. +1 because it would actually motivate me even more to play even with events down
  10. *Glares at every KR vid that goes +12 and +13 by enhancing*
  11. could you dm me where did he say it, i haven't seen anything related to unavailability :Thonk:
  12. it technically should be possible to Achieve +12, its just that the drawback/consequences are too dire? since i haven't seen any official announcement from the patch notes i've been digging up that they made the odds impossible, rather removing fluorite crystals to make it too risky to +12. Since fluorite crystals prevent Revert to +0, and lower? the risk of degrading. So if there are actually crazy people that would attempt to do so and have like protagonist + i control my fate anime powers. it should be possible *coughs like im about to die* to Achieve +12 by the probability of 0.1/99999999999999999 with the RnG Against your favor and the kms feeling if it fails What do you guys think or know?
  13. Well, what i did Was make him play the least played characters, and say its really good. so we actually have other mains than the mainstream. but tbh if your gonna bring your friend and isn't fond of PvE go pvp in spar with people spar gear only :thonk: back in season 1 i made a friend join and play Grand Archer (cap was 60 at that time) he actually learned to combo with it, and was amazing at it.