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  1. Are you got the cube from the quest? Wow, i really need that skill, :D
  2. How do we obtain the new [Mod] Skills? Are we obtain that from the quest like in NA and KR servers?
  3. +1 Since doing Elrianode dg now is my daily works (11-4, 11-6) i think by adding daily quest and weekly quest is kinda helpful for players, ya know doing dungeons without get any drops (el tear, EDR) is kinda hurt myself, especially when run in 11-4, so why not?
  4. The EDR rewards are purposely given to encourage players to run ETD consistently but not so often, it also will be untradeable so you won't make a profit of it. For the tears, again, their purpose are to encourage players to make the Elrianode dungeons' queue active. They only serve as a bonus to help players build their Elrianode equipments in shorter time.
  5. Hi everyone, nice to meet you all, i'm new here so i hope you guys can help me This isn't my first time playing Elsword, few years ago i already play Elsword but in another server, idk the server is closed now so i searching in google and found this private server, i'm so excited after know that Elsword is still exist, well that's all, thank you