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  1. Gonna have to stop you right there friend. Brute forcing +9 amulets is impossible unless you got nice RNG especially at NPCs. I find this option the best out of them all because it helps undergeared newbies and it can also help gear up alts if you dont have any ed left.Not everyone has a +10 and spending 60 mil for a mod book is... eh... I for one have never been able to brute force a +9 even with fluorites and el hammers, Ill advocate for this option anyways, a boost for new people and a helping hand for people which want to gear up alts.
  2. Ignia, I always loved her character design and overall personality tbh. she cool
  3. Old Gungnir back pls, buff DayB's movement speed. Make Herrscher use his Scythe, buff Apollyon, buff OzS damage output its so bad, make DiA less lag sensitive, old post nerf Rain of Chaos, buff Catas casting speed its so slow aa, remake DiA's skill animations they're very rushed and clunky.
  4. I'm sorry, what?There are some people which would rather enjoy this game's gameplay without having to worry about some rich +11 windmill spammer clearing the room in a blink like come on thats just unfun.Or having laggers ruin the entire run, or leechers.
  5. lmaoooo i mean thats kinda the same reason I dont touch this game that much, Its a slap in the face for us people which love to solo dungeons but dont have godlike gear also good luck in whatever you decide to do next!
  6. Your signature already gives off the nostalgic feeling please never change it LOL Welcome back tho. Nothing much has happened besides the ed ticket wipes, just random updates with the occasional bigger ones like 2.5.
  7. Lmao are you dumb the rewards can be untradeable
  8. +1, Would give me a reason to log on daily LOL
  9. unban soup noodles also ik you desperately want your account back but why not start over and never break the rules again?that would be much better for all of us
  10. The smell of perfection drove me to your profile ilu

    1. Marisia


      I like it~ Welcome to the Marisia Profile~ She appreciates your prescence 

      Please stay as long as you desire :IgniaGrin:

  11. who u ive never seen u in my 2 yrs of playing void
  12. I wouldn't- Maybe it's because I'm very paranoic when it comes to buying things with irl money and when it comes to accounts without an E-mail thats a big no no
  13. XXX xxx xxx xxx xx x x xxxxx x x xxxxx x x ^ her pvp gameplay. altough she can be easily beaten if you actually know how to play the game or are geared enough :shrug: shes a pretty good character tho so i dont get all the hate she gets either. probably salt from pvp
  14. RIP noodle person :(.. Tho yeah we should since noodle wasn't the only one which was banned because or this bullshit rule