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  1. Sauce

    Make Void Elsword great Again!

    unban soup noodles also ik you desperately want your account back but why not start over and never break the rules again?that would be much better for all of us
  2. The smell of perfection drove me to your profile ilu

    1. Marisia


      I like it~ Welcome to the Marisia Profile~ She appreciates your prescence 

      Please stay as long as you desire :IgniaGrin:

  3. who u ive never seen u in my 2 yrs of playing void
  4. Sauce

    Hi All

    Welcome to Void!
  5. I wouldn't- Maybe it's because I'm very paranoic when it comes to buying things with irl money and when it comes to accounts without an E-mail thats a big no no
  6. XXX xxx xxx xxx xx x x xxxxx x x xxxxx x x ^ her pvp gameplay. altough she can be easily beaten if you actually know how to play the game or are geared enough :shrug: shes a pretty good character tho so i dont get all the hate she gets either. probably salt from pvp
  7. RIP noodle person :(.. Tho yeah we should since noodle wasn't the only one which was banned because or this bullshit rule
  8. sadly many people were banned for the same reason but didn't have such a large following enough to be able to make a riot about it
  9. Incoming ''things got out of hand so were locking this''
  10. Yeah okay they were warned. But why PERMANENTLY ban someone for a joke, couldve been a 7 days ban, hell, a 30 days ban. But permanently banning someone for it is only going to anger the community more. Also, you refuse to give us proof on the cause so we cannot trust you.
  11. honestly why bother when all you're going to get is a CTRL + V message with a subtle 'fuck you' and a 'don't appeal again or you'll be banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
  12. if this is actually true im going to dip-
  13. i remember that. shows how stupid their choices can be.. like they said they won't add costumes like PDr because they aren't available for characters like AIn Y E T they rotated Khaos and Verglas which aren't available for 3 CH A R A CT ER S nice way to exclude 3 whole fanbases <3 anyways OT so i wont derail: This rule might result in many people being banned for no reason and... v