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  1. Thing is, I would have agreed if it was like, the original weapon. This is just the weapon without any stats, just for looks, which doesn't have any kind of purpose outside of MWwhatsoever I.. Yikes..
  2. It actually sounds like you are the one mad about it. Like you own the weapon and don't want other people to have a MW statless version of it- Thing is, not everyone here has a job? Not everyone here is an adult to even remotely have a way to gain money? Like for example this is Timmy, hes 14. He decides that he wants to farm for Flames of Judgement because it looks really good, but Timmy does not have the specs necessary to run the raid efficiently! Tim asks his parents for a new pc, but they refuse to because it is too expensive. Poor Timmy. Or Isabella plays a garbage class and no one wants her in raid parties and so on. Poor Isabella..
  3. So to be able to farm for the weapon for people who want it for customization is to buy a new pc? Not everyone can afford one. Not our fault that the optimization is garbage Currently trying to understand what you are trying to imply-I like when people put their thoughts and reasons why but from what I understood what you're trying to imply has already been explained by multiple people above- It just does not hurt anyone for them to do it as it isn't another easier way to craft the og weapon, just something merely for customization No reason to feel bad! Don't worry about it
  4. The drop bar only amplifies the drop rate, but it is so abysmall that sometimes it just doesn't matter to people who have bad rng. I don't think it is unfair as it isn't like we're getting the weapon itself. It is merely a shell of the og weapon only worth for customisation. As I have said before, people even bother farming for the weapon because of the stats it holds, not because of how it looks.
  5. Thing is, you're not farming for the weapon just to have it in your MW, the main reason you're farming it is for the op stats it has, right? This is for the people who want it for customization purposes, but don't want to farm months for it in 1 fps or just cannot do the raid, either because of gear and/or aren't picked up in raids due to their class. I believe that if this was implemented, it would not devalue the og weapon in any type of way because it simply is just a shell of the original weapon with no stats which is practically useless outside of MW. I never saw a suggestion like this one either, by the way.
  6. As the title suggests, I think we should have a craftable version of the new raid weapon called Flames of Judgement, without stats, only for MW and customization purposes like the other raid accesories. It looks so god damn nice and it would be a shame to have it glued to an extremely hard and laggy raid where you need extreme luck to have it drop in the first place. Currently I don't have any ideas on what the crafting requirements for it should be so suggest them and I will edit the thread later
  7. IM CRYINGGGG OH MY GOD THIS WAS THE BEST RESPONSE I couldn't have said it better, of course Inaste would love Lilu <3 OT: Anyways, transparency has been an issue on void for such a long time by now that I don't think they will do anything about it anymore. So many threads like this one have been made and nothing has been done to fix these certain issues.
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    Welcome back to the game and welcome to forums! Enjoy your stay
  9. Craftable +9, 2x title event, all sds unlocked, 2x add dungeon drop rate, 100% random mission chance plEAASEEE I beg. also cool costumes and sitposes as exchangeables not craftables like the christmas event 2 yrs ago ;o; -wish altough I don't mind them being craftables tbf but still- as long as they're not garbage as the last christmas event..
  10. I didnt mean the fields, I meant that they should not in general. Levelling slower would just be a big pain in the ass for players, just keep it the way it was. I don t really see any necessity in lowering them and it would not benefit the server in any shape or form
  11. literally thats a bad idea. Fields would be pretty nice to bring back, but don't lower exp rates for it lmao.Maybe when the officials die?
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    I can feel so much good aura coming from this post!! Welcome to Void, I hope you enjoy your stay!