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  1. Honey any chance you could show me the 2nd ver for LuCiel?
  2. black and red luciel would make me feel something +1 please
  3. Well, good luck in whatever you plan to do next!
  4. I mean that if they are unable to add customized eyes to the IM, fix stuff like the ed shop or they are barely able to make IBs work, how would they be able to have their own big content updates once the officials die? We're not talking about new dungeons and shit, we're just talking about simple IM custom additions. I know they have to keep a certain ground that the officials do, but I'm pretty sure that ground would not break if they added these eyes. Then again I don't exactly have the best knowledge of KoG's spaghetti code so...
  5. If they cannot even do that then I don't see how they would be able to handle the server after the officials die. Really makes you think tbh
  6. Chung's awakening helmets used to be impossible to add aswell due to 'technical difficulties' and then after a while we got them in the IM, so maybe? For the record, the files were locked for us, not for the Void staff. WE cannot change anything except the BGM, but Void staff can so I don't see that as a reason hope dies last, I want my Bluhen to have Richter's eyes :')...........
  7. Baaaap! If they can make Awk accesories/Magical Make-Up costumes then they should be able to make their own custom eyes. I don't see why there'd be a problem with that because I'm pretty sure making a costume is harder than adding some eyes to the IM.
  8. Its not about killing their graphics, it's about fixing their spaghetti code and optimizing their game. And the thing is, if you're a minor you cannot exactly get a job. This is all I have to say to your reply because honestly I said everything I had to say for the 'just get a new PC! work hard like I did to get it!' argument. Just read my past replies if you want to see what I think about it.
  9. This is all I wanted to edit. +9 amu should defo not be 200 candies- Also! I believe these should be exchangeable for 80 candies. I think they're called 'Spooky Ghost Costume' or something like that LOL. These fit way too much and not adding them would be dissapointing.
  10. Welcome back fam! I might order from your GFX shop actually, I really love how legit your eye recolors look holy shit teach me your wayyyyssss
  11. Can't exactly work for something if you do not have a way to gain money yet. But alright fam, you do you. At the end of the day we all have different opinions on this kind of thing. Cheers!