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  1. Apparently its channel specific. As Ch4 these bugs do not appear.
  2. The weap missing its effects, my tears are all identified, but are basically broken. "Unidentified" themselves and wont re-identify.
  3. Oh, you know, tis that thing that your body does while you sit on your bed staring into your closet waiting for the sun to rise so you can drink another cup of coffee.
  4. I'm not in any particular rush to get in the game, I for one have plenty of other things to do. I just wanted to see if the game had finished its hiccups yet.
  5. And it seems the server has gone down again, its doing the "Channel Server Connection Failed"
  6. Yeahhhh, its still doing the whole "Recieving Character Information" Infinite loading thing it was doing prior.
  7. I have 497k CP, as a +11 RH with full +10 Elria armor. I have some tears that could be better, and I'm currently looking into at least a 44% all skill blue tear, (as I have just a non- [2+] skill stack} It seems I have a bit of work to be done. Hence why I've been spamming the crap outta Drabaki raids.
  8. Says Channel Server connection failed when I attempt to put in my log-in
  9. Again to itterate, the sets ain have not gotten are as follows. Millenium Fox Red, Dark Shadows, Holy Unicorn, Evil Tracer S2, Miracle Alchemist, Velder Academy (Black and White), Shadow Incubus, Diamond Yaksha, Dragon Knight Dark Side, Ignition Caligo, and Thanatos
  10. As far as sets that have not rotated in since Ain has been implemented, MFr, MA, IgC, ET2, DS, VAK(B) [Both have not rotated in at all], GF/SI, DY, HU, Thanatos, and PD(r)[Unlikely as rose and Ain both do not have the set] are all examples of what we could possibly get. As most likely the dev's would be more likely to implement sets that Ain has yet to receive on the server I doubt we'd be seeing AD / CM anytime soon (even if the prior would help reduce alot of expensive prices by ALOT, 3b for raven AD wings... yeesh).