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  1. You have to be level 10 for all the npcs to show up iirc
  2. BL: rework mod requiem so its actually useful outside of 11-3 and give him overall damage buffs RT: Unerf Mod Frag, rework his whole projection stack system since it's tedious to keep up Laby in general: nerf of 100% Ignore defense on sentimental points EtW: Tone down her damage since its stupidly high for no reason NL: Speed up her casting times, buff her damage, rework most of her summons so they're worth carrying, rework her entire system so it isn't dog shit
  3. -1 Theirs really no reason to have this the servers never really get "full" unless a big update comes out.
  4. NL I don't like EW system and RaS is kinda whack to me
  5. question 1) Low 4/5 with Formal attire hair and one piece is the meta setup right now or you can go Salvatore rosso 5/5, Mariposa 5/5, Black Mesa 4/5, Dusk/Dawn ruler 4/5 question 2) The gear for Shakti elrianode is red foxfire tears, Red attack/attacked top, Red Physical attack power bottoms, red all skill damage gloves (you can bravery stack but I prefer all skill damage), And Red Damage dealt to boss monsters or Red MP cost
  6. dude this skill melts idk what high your on.
  7. same tbh OT: welcome to hell
  8. uh.. oopsies doopsies. i didn't see if you're online I can invite you or you can apply through the board.
  9. I got the +10 because rng hates me and wouldn't give me one through fluos.