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  1. OMG I don't care what anyone says: VoidEls>any other Elsword server.
  2. VoidEls is having a great event, SW is having a great event ... I'm almost happy for being unemployed this Christmas.
  3. Scout

    [Event] Christmas Scramble

    [IGN] WraithDuo [Ran's Items] 7, 10; [Lilu's Items] 6, 5; [Yata's Items] 3, 9; [Structure's Items] 4, 2; [Xera's Items] 1, 8.
  4. Scout

    Hello Void O:

  5. Scout


    Hello and welcome back. Your friend is being keept prisoner in the basement of an underaged loli named Laby and hasn't seen sunlight for a few days now. If you may so desire we can put them on phone for you. @Kaad
  6. Scout

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Add to solo play or remove it as a mechanic. Then we can talk about having a game worth investing thousands of hours into.
  7. Scout

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    We can barely make any fucking progress anymore. It's dying. Also, this is not the Void's staff fault but I feel like they should throw even more effort at it since it's their fucking server after all. Like, ok KoG is fucking retarded and useless and shit but man use your coding desu skills and make some magic happen more often.
  8. Scout

    Current ban system

    No, because we need a justice system. It prevents things from falling apart, just like in real life. Like, this is the big concept - there's a need for a justice system and in our case the system can't exist without trust (cuz we can't verify their activity due to the fact that the/their/our war is being held between lines of codes). And yes, according to the law of averages some illicit behaviour must have taken or will take place at some point in time but hold it here cuz if we are to dig deeper into the subject we'll get to stuff like "how much corruption can go around before it denies the reason why a justice system even exists in the first place".
  9. Scout

    Current ban system

    The staff needs power to take action against threats of all kind, in order to protect us. This power comes from our trust in their ability to do the right thing. In other words, it is really not in my best interest to support something like this.
  10. 30 mats is nothing and it makes you farm faster/renders the farming experience slightly more enjoyable, which means that it pays for itself on the long run. It is a 14 days power boost for 30-60mins worth of farm. Like, it's ok. The event on itself is nothing too special but at the end of the day is better than nothing.
  11. 10% skill damage is really good though, even if is only for the event period.
  12. Scout

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    I don't believe in a good side no more. All people are snakes.
  13. Scout

    [10/18/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Great. I really needed the impression of doing something useful with my life again.
  14. Scout

    [10/12/18] Update Discussion Thread

    First the worst patch ever then a day and a half of maintenance during the weekend.
  15. Scout

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    So, mind anyone explain me how come we got things like the heavy trait buff, the Noble Presence buff rework (by the way, the tooltip hasn't been updated) and we didn't got some of the other specific class passive buffs? Weren't those in the same patch? Or, like, patch lineup. Do we really have to wait another 999 months to get to see those important changes implemented? Can 2.4 get any more worse? And yes I can confirm that Noblesse Oblige's/Tribute's Sacrifice part has the old effect instead of the new one: click Also, @VoidEls you guys might have messed up Awakened Will: Noblesse all together at some point because the 7% maximize doesn't work at all, no matter the circumstances.