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  1. That's an EXP gain ERP setup ... With full EXP gain 5/5 (Breadlord top+LoW) with EXP sockets and no buffs other than a giant potion. Me right now be like
  2. You can't help but appreciate the amount of time, patience, dedication, and professionalism that VoidCM has shown/invested in these replies. Really goes to show just how much it takes to make matters clear nowadays. Flashback a few years ago, people on the internet were a lot smarter and rational, now it simply takes SO MUCH to get someone to understand even the simplest matters.
  3. You still don't get it. Let's call it a day, we're not getting anywhere.
  4. Yes and I'm really sorry, I am sorry my dude ok I've changed my mind. I was just trying to explain why there's no "innocent until proven guilty". That's literally it and I hate having to insist on it as if it were a matter of life and death. I want none of the drama either. You're free not to trust the staff, you're free to hate the staff, hell, I even had some of my own issues with the staff in the past - but that doesn't change how things work (because of nature, basically). Also, anyone who got banned because of faulty coding, should, or rather will most definitely get their stuff back, 100%. So chililililil.
  5. w/e You're likely both banned and a lost cause at the same time. I couldn't care less if you stayed stupid for the rest of your life or not.
  6. That's not how it works. A real-life environment doesn't perfectly overlay with a virtual environment. In the virtual environment, actions are happening in a language and at a speed that can't be freely accessed by the human mind without the help of a tool. This tool simply tells you, the human, or it tells itself if a certain action is or is not in conformity with the rules. Yes, it may fail, but keep in mind that it wasn't built with the purpose of failure in mind and at the end of the day there has to be an acting authority that is being trusted. (random example:) Do you think it was a human who found out that ED vouchers were being multiplied? And what would have been the consequence if we had nothing to give us vision into what was happening?
  7. You have technically been proven guilty the moment you got banned, even if the sentence were to be given by a flawed algorithm.
  8. I'm not into idol games as of now ... I'm not sure if I'm a great fit. I like the guild's name though. Then again, if it's empty it kinda defies the purpose of leaving my main empty guild to make friends so, I'll pass, I guess.
  9. IGN: WraithDuo Character and Level: IN max level Reason of joining: I want to make new friends. How do you describe yourself as? I am a basic rock. I lack edges. Being boring is my profession. I reside in the background. I occasionally fall off tall cliffs and make people aware of my existence.
  10. Forget what I said, I hope this summer event puts heavy emphasis on tear crafting.
  11. Thanks. I didn't use the scrapped one because I can't really backtrack my progress with that style and thus I can't make images look similar. Even amongst the clean ones this is not the same as this, or the others for that matter. The Rules banner was the first one of its kind and here the Laby render had more to it, stuff that I couldn't completely backtrack that the rest of the banners ended up not having (I also should have custom sized the white highlight zone on the writing for each title in question).
  12. Hmmm. It appears I haven't even made it in the honorable mentions. (Again).
  13. Awakening and a normal giant potion as my buffs + farming ERP (basically 35% ASD and the rest utility). For the time being I find myself highly unmotivated to do all out runs again.