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  1. Name/Nickname (optional): Tchekhov IGN: TchekhovClass: HerrscherMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild (if you were in one before): SkirmsherGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): +10 Apo Wep, trash elria and that's it everything else is not worth mentioning lul - 293k CPTimezone: BRST About you (optional): I like bad memes, yikesWhy did you decide to join this Guild?: Skirmsher was the guild my friends created when they first started playing, they got stronger and left for a real guild with real ppl, I left the game for quite some time but came back and got hyped again.
  2. IGN: Tchekhov Character/Class: Chung, Tactical Tropper (EE who?) Level: 99 Age (optional): 22 Activity (how active are you): Usually I'm online everyday but there are times that I have to give more attention to other things, like college. Your country and timezone: Brazil UCT-3 Discord (if you have it): Tchekhov#1287 A little about you: I'm a person with a free mindset, it's really hard for me to have and opnion on anything and be stuck with it and never going to change how I see it. I hated Chung so much when I first played him, and now he's my torapu baby.