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  1. Ahaha! I know right? And don't even get me started on getting 3rd Jobs. Ugh, that's just... nO! Also, is that a Deku pfp that I spy over there?
  2. Welcome to the Void, and to an extent, Elsword! I like Shakti the most but hey that's just my personal opinion, you can probably experiment with all 3 classes - capping a character doesn't take that long here (I'm serious - you can cap a character in like 5 hours if you're lazy)! Hope to see you around!
  3. Daw, it's sad that you're leaving us Naivety. It makes me a little sad that Uni is taking up so many people's lives lately - it was fun having you around. *hands tea* We hope to see you back soon!
  4. Wow, it's so cool that you get to test the new versions of Windows! Have fun testing, hopefully we'll see you soon!
  5. For this week's VD, can we use Animes that have aired on Cartoon Network (ex: Bakugan)?
  7. "Let's give P2W players with top-tier gear that they got in a week..." "A chance to get even more rewards!" "Rewards for supporting us and absolutely no compensation for F2P players whatsoever" "Yep, a perfect Tournament Idea!"
  8. When I end up having to use HP+MP Recovery Pots just to recover MP. Granted I already have more than enough (>200) Complete Recovery Potions, but I hate when all my pots go on cooldown because I spammed 4 Linear Dividers and I have to resort to Recovery Pots. KoG Indeed needs to increase the amount of Mana Gained from Commands. I hate it when EtWs brag about their damage being a +8. Luckily my NA Daydreamer is both faster and outdamages them, so I'm expecting the same thing here over on Void, HA!!
  9. Same problem as Rose Too many people want her to remove her Also the only broken Laby is EtW wym And are you sure you're not just running into assholes? some of the nicest people I know are RaS mains.
  10. Nonemi


    laters go play some food fantasy rip all the people who wanted the ign heart or the forum name laby
  11. When someone the same class as me has higher damage and decides it'd be fun to give me the system warning while I'm running with randoms.
  12. Hi there, I'm (sorta) new! Welcome back to the game! If you don't like capping, don't worry~! Due to the last event, there is a server-wide buff that gives 800% Base EXP. So if you're down a couple levels, 99 should be a cinch. But if you want a partner to run with, I'm always here!
  13. This already happens. After 2 to 3 hours, you may randomly be removed. Whether this is the Client's doing or your OS's doing, is up for exploration. There are times where you can afk a whole night through, but it's not a 100% thing. -1 Oh! Oh! OOHH!! I can't log on because the servers are full! People shouldn't just be standing around doing nothing when they're busy!! When they leave for 20 seconds to go to the bathroom, they should log off!1! I don't care about people's lives outside of Elsword, I just need that dank nasty grind for a game that won't affect me irl!! Seriously. Think about other people. Yes, there are people who stand in Elder Village for 2 weeks straight. But they aren't common. This would gimp people's gameplay experience a ton.