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  1. YES, MORE PINK! also where's the poll? :(
  2. You said "small" and "active" in the same sentence And that just happens to be in Acuity's intro thread!ᴀᴄᴜɪᴛʏ-ʟᴠ16-ᴘᴠᴇ-ɢᴜɪʟᴅ-ᴡᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ-ʜᴏᴍᴇ/
  3. This is entirely a coding-based issue. Unfortunately, Void cannot do anything about this. However, this is already being suggested in Officials, so let's cross our fingers and try our luck.
  4. I personally once already asked for this in Officials, and they gave me a flat no. If Officials can't do it, Void can't (At least, not that I'm aware of) Also like Dream said, just use Discord???
  5. If VoidEls is Pokemon Go then I'm pretty sure that Ignia just became Spark Because Team Ignia seems to be as popular as Team Instinct But does that mean that Team Apple is Team Mystic?
  6. Hello there and welcome to Void Elsword! *throws confetti* You're right about the grind being unbearable hahaha and huh, I didn't notice it before but you're right. Maybe it's because prices are higher in officials? But anyhow, Happy Voiding!
  7. Played her and loved her on NA. She's a little slow but that's fine by me. I'm an exception to this situation. I still get what you're saying though. It is kinda dumb.
  8. Give NL more combos please. I know that she's meant to have very few new combos because more combos would be better catches But I mean come on.
  9. Give Oz Sorcerer a whole revamp, please. Her skill kit is awful. Not to say that they aren't useful, but they're not very well themed. Lazers, rocks, and bad breath? And these are supposed to be related to Dark Magic and Hell? Why not you know, skulls, or fire, or some fucking flaming stalagmites and/or stalactites? Also, rather than her being found by a lewd bat and borrowing his power, how about she seeks him out instead? And make sure that she's not a stripper? That way, she can still have Angkor's bat skills, but they're not super weird. Change Dark Wave into Curse Wave please ohmigod And also? CHANGE ALL OF HER FUCKING FIREBALL COMBOS INTO PLASMA BALLS IF YOU WANNA MAKE HER THAT SHORT-RANGED
  10. I've always had this question and felt dumb about it, but decided that my reputation as an idiot couldn't get any worse anyhow. For Void's Designer, when it says "IGN", does it mean the IGN of the character we dressed up or just an IGN on our account? Because I could just type "Nonemi" due to force of habit and be done. It's no hassle, I'm just wondering.
  11. IGN/Class: Pinkigayo/Eternity Winner Age/Gender: Shhhh/He or Him, please Previous Guild (If Any): Luminary About You: Hi there, I'm a really avid Laby player who's trying to become stronger! You can call me Ginger or Nonemi if you like. I'm obsessed with NL.