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  1. STAN CLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. dide we ever talk? lol joke aside, sure! also no i didn't forget you Q^Q people stop asking me if i forgot you, either i have ur discord or we're not friends, just acquaintances i will miss you too alou Q^Q
  3. woohoo thancc sparkly = soft, btw you must accept the wonder
  4. i told you on discord already that im leaving you dork dw ilyt
  5. Annyeonghaseyo, Nonemi-imnida. Today, I wanted to permanently say goodbye to the game and forums. I've held onto this whole sphere for so long, and all out of pressure. It's been getting me and I decided to finally cut ties with the community as a whole. I know I already made a goodbye thread, but I assumed that would be temporary. However, I've decided that it's best for me to move on to another chapter of my life, without Void. I don't like Void's community. Hate me if you want, it won't matter anyways. But I feel like it is slowly approaching the toxicity level of League of Legends and frankly I can't handle the drama anymore. This community needs desperate help. I'm also an artist. Lately I've been seeing rapid improvement in my art and because of that, I want to focus heavily on drastically improving my art skill. I have several webcomics (including a webtoon) that I want to create, and frankly, art takes time (to those of you who think it's easy and not worth paying for... uh, do me a favor, and go dunk your head down a toilet. Art is worth a lot). I really want to be able to work on YouTube videos as well. Story Time YouTubers such as Domics, Emirichu, Sultan Sketches, Tabbes, theodd1sout, JaidenAnimations, and countless others have inspired me to finally try my own hand at YouTube. However, YouTube takes time. So I don't think playing more video games will help. Also if you guys recall BOTH OF MY LAPTOPS ARE NOW BROKEN. So I can't do anything. But yeah, I wanted to thank a lot of people so here goes. I'll be mentioning people and the reasons they mean something to me. @draco123 - I'm really glad I met you. It was very kind of you to introduce me to the community and stepping into the endgame. I'm very grateful that someone as chill as you was able to find me and help guide me into the Void. @BillNye - Boi imma miss you. Glad to meet you. Memes will be missed. Life talks will be missed. It was great to have someone to vent to. ... Wait a sec. I have your Discord @Shikshi - I'm glad that someone as cheerful and as positive as you came into my life. It was fun hanging out with you in the spam thread. @Marisia - NOOO MARI IMMA MISS CHU DEARIE. But for real Marisia, don't you dare ever let anybody else take away your positivity or your smile (or the Australian accent that I assume you have)! You're so bubbly and warm and I hope that you bring that spirit with you wherever you go! @Arrivederci - Bro I will miss your soft Adds. Make a sparkly Laby for me after I die bro. @Hated - I dunno what it is but I feel like I will see you again. You're subtly supportive and I feel like you were a great friend and spam thread pal. @Shiryelle - I'm really glad that you helped me to break the ice(?)! You're the first staff member who reached out to me that I genuinely did not fear. You showed me that staff are normal people. To all the staff reading this... sorry, but you guys are a bit scary. Although not too scary for this rebel to... @VoidEls - I will really miss the coffee and memes, Miss Ran! Please continue to be chill and make sure to tell people: STARBUCKS IS NOT REAL COFFEE!! STARBUCKS IS CANDIED COFFEE BEAN JUICE YOU STUPID VOIDLINGS I SWE- @PhysicsTM - It was really cool to witness your promotion. I'm glad that I was good friends with the pioneer of a larger gfx presence here on the forums. I'm glad that we met and I hope you stick around for a long time to come, Phy. And last, but certainly not least- Thanks so much to @Fey for coming into my life. I'm very glad to have met you. I'm glad we'll continue talking on Discord. I don't know what I'd do without you. You've been such a great friend to me, despite us not ever having played together once. Thanks for hanging around. Thanks for everything, Void Server! I'm glad to have met you guys. If anyone wants to glue ties with me, please shoot me a DM. I'll be happy to give you my Discord info. Signing out and Annyeong, Nonemi.
  6. Sparkly summer thing with Elesis art Noir detective set with those trench coats (NOT the elrios detective set) Swimwear cut ins yes What about the NPC I want the Tiny Spirit NPC recoloured into a monarch butterfly ktnx
  7. So this is the family computer. My laptop broke. The screen's busted. Kaput. I put it on a shelf but then the chair which was stacked on the table which was next to the shelf fell of and snagged my laptop and the laptop fell onto the floor and the chair fell onto the laptop and the screen holder bent and now the screen just shows black and white. I'm quitting the game until further notice and also leaving the Forums for the time being. I also opted out of all of my social media for now. Laters.
  8. ANNYEONGHASEYO FELLOW WIZ*ONE!!! Welcome to the Void!
  9. Ahaha! I know right? And don't even get me started on getting 3rd Jobs. Ugh, that's just... nO! Also, is that a Deku pfp that I spy over there?
  10. Welcome to the Void, and to an extent, Elsword! I like Shakti the most but hey that's just my personal opinion, you can probably experiment with all 3 classes - capping a character doesn't take that long here (I'm serious - you can cap a character in like 5 hours if you're lazy)! Hope to see you around!
  11. Daw, it's sad that you're leaving us Naivety. It makes me a little sad that Uni is taking up so many people's lives lately - it was fun having you around. *hands tea* We hope to see you back soon!