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  1. Nonemi

    Make Void Weapon Tradeable

    As much as I'd like to +1 this, I have to say no. Yes, a free Void Weapon sounds nice, but think about what it would mean. Any undergeared player could simply buy a Void Weapon, and I feel like that isn't what should happen. Being an undergeared, Void-Wepless player myself, getting a Void Weapon would mean be a huge milestone. It means that I finally got something done with my own horsepower. People can get carried for Cap+3rd Job, El Tears, and even Titles, but the one thing you cannot get carried for is the Void Weapon. Getting a Void Weapon means that a person finally has the strength not to rely on others anymore, and for us, it feels great, and having virtually free Void Weps would ruin that. As much as I personally like the idea of a free Void Weapon, the thrill of finally dropping a cube and the motivation the Void Weapon gives me to work for it, and what the game stands for, completely overrides that desire. A free Void Weapon would monumentally turn Void Elsword from an MMORPG into a Market-based game. That isn't how it should be. MMOs, should be fun, yes, but they should also need hard work and determination. The Void Weapon is proof as well as a result of both, which makes it a great drop, both gameplay-wise as well as emotionally. And yes, we all understand that the Void Wep was a big slap in the face to people who ran Perkisas/Eltrion. However, that doesn't justify making it free. Just because something is easier to obtain, doesn't mean it requires no effort. It still takes time, determination, and RNG, which frankly, not many of us have! While this may be a suitable suggestion for those who already have a Void Weapon, think about how hard that would be to implement. Having a Board/Trade system that checks the other person's account for a Void Weapon/A previous Void Weapon? That's too much work for the devs, not to mention that such a feature could be exploited by hackers. Maybe someday when officials die and nobody cares anymore, we can do this. So, as much as I would love to say yes, I'll have to side with the majority and give you a firm NO.
  2. Nonemi

    Returning to Void for real now.

    ooooooh another guy who left during halloween welcome back!
  3. Nonemi

    Cya, Void.

    Bye Void. You gave me so much escape from the real world, but it's time for me to leave. My efforts just don't get me anywhere, and I don't have time for you anymore. Thanks to everyone who's helped me along the way. I had a blast here with my [Luminary] family. -Stirbargen
  4. Nonemi

    Suggesting a Forum Rules Revision.

    I'm surprised Structure didn't lock this OT: +1! I agree, mentioning a name shouldn't get you a ban/warning point.
  5. I listed it as 12 due to the 2 of them being played together. I understand that they don't share costumes but for ease of creation I listed them as 1 character. I totally get where you're coming from though, don't get me wrong. Also I'm surprised you noticed my IB recolor idea UwU Thank you for noticing me.
  6. Lowkey making a recolor; will edit this post. IB Recolor: "Monarch's Ascension" It's a recolor of Chess - Arena, and based on Blackpink's DDU-DU DDU-DU. The character's main color is replaced with pink, and the white parts are replaced with black (or most of the white parts anyways.) The character's hair colors are based on the order in which the members sing. There are 4 members, and each one had a different hair color in the music video. (K-Pop knowledge is required here) Jennie sings first and had brown hair, Lisa had orange, Rose had pink/magenta, and Jisoo had black hair. Since there are 4 members and 12 characters, it's easy to divide up by 4. Monarch's Ascension Hair Colors (Per Character) I'm currently recoloring a screenshot I took in-game; I'll edit this post and add in the image later today.
  7. Nonemi

    bring back hoya for the next event

    aren't there a bunch more pets that could/should also return? such as the mystics, the tree knights (stan kawaiiness), all the kumihos, reapers, etc.? and what about new pets like Lotus (the radiant flower IB pet)? or Mellow - Yellow and Mellow - Pink? all that aside, +1 and what about Ieru?
  8. Nonemi

    [Suggestion] IB Recolor: Shadow Liege

    ah sorry sorry ooooooo you have a recolor thread... i guess i'm moving over there then.
  9. Nonemi

    [Suggestion] IB Recolor: Shadow Liege

    lol did you really just basically highlight it loooooooool you know what it doesn't matter i'm remaking it tomorrow lol also it'd be a lot better to make raven's hair white with a red burst, instead of all black
  10. Nonemi

    [Suggestion] IB Recolor: Shadow Liege

    if you want, i can do the graphic edit for Bluhen for you, though you'll have to pay me in ED. (Sorry but I don't have a graphics shop open for nothing!)
  11. For the Stylin' Stickers Competition, what happens if we have the same idea for a Monster as someone else? And for Void's Artist, do we have to include a character or can we just draw the pumpkin (and of course have something Elsword-Related carved into said pumpkin)?
  12. Nonemi

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    That is of course you don't have a Void Wep. Wait, if you earn a Void Wep during this time period but don't already have one, can you not put Stages on it?
  13. Nonemi

    [10/3/18] v2.4 Discussion Thread

    Who else is gonna log on because they don't have a single Void Weapon? lol
  14. Nonemi


    Well I guess 2.4 and Varnimyr gives you a lot of motivation. I'm back! Please let the Pink Candy Devil Costumes be in the IM.