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    plS add some patience
  3. I find this weird, even though you're not the original owner for it, you paid for it. You should be given the rights for an account support either way. If you paid for it, it's technically yours now. I find this kinda bullshit, although that's never happened before. I remember asking for a pin on a new account I had made, they have never asked me about how much EC I've spent or deleted characters. I'm sorry that you can't get help though. I would help you if I could.
  4. Idrc. If Officials have it, it shouldn't be hard for Void to implement it. Unless said bugs/technicalities like it always happens. I don't see the point in saying no to this anymore. They've already made the drop for the Void Weapon so bloody easy you may as well make it easier. They only thing worth worrying is the Rosso Weapon. But +1 for me. Edit: if it's for shards +111111111 please drop the prices for them too. :')
  5. Res, I'll probably draw smth for fun oofie
  6. yes pls +1 cuz why not, even tho i dont even grind cuz im an inferior race but im srue u all like it pls implement tank u, next
  7. I thought they were gonna introduce us properly with new staff in a stability maintenance :(...
  8. 1. she's annoying, wowie x spam ezpz 2. out of place as fuck, where does she fit in the story besides existing 3. the people who main her are usually sociopaths 4. fps killer the only rose i feel a bit bad for is probably tempest i personally think the main problem for me hating her more than i do are the people who play her, god ur all assholes but hey that's just how i see it.
  9. My Rena. Rena is my everything. I've basically given her every IM/IB/Limited items/Pets/Mounts/Gear, you name it. She's a wonderful character qwq.
  10. I wanna say I'm in for it just because I'm working + going to school (Even though it's over but rip I still have work), I can't be having time to grind 25 dungeons daily as said up there considering I'd drop dead after work. I wouldn't mind if drops were increased as well; that'd be great but I've yet to test it out myself but assuming it's literally like the past events so far(0~10 drops a dungeon, rng is still an asshole, don't bark at me for assumptions tho.) But hey, if they decided they plan to make drops increase throughout the event hoorah! Because if the entire time you can only grind for one item, it ruins the whole point of other exchanges and craftables if your main goal is going for the "special" craft. But if Void won't do anything about it, then let it be, I'm just happy we got something either way.
  11. my ass still have that +10 from last year, idk what to use it on, id like an event, idk if tmrw wud guarantee any of that considering IT'S LITERALLY 30TH AND NOT THE 1ST. feelsbad alsoenhanceeventwhenvoid
  12. The best feeling in the world when you take a hiatus from Void, come back to an IM sale with a fuck ton of EC left you don't even remember having.
  13. Welcome back fellow Rena/Void Player, I hope you enjoy your stay for a while, although things are currently kinda broken on Void. I wish you luck! slowlyinsertsrenatoo My IGN is Staff! I plan to change it soon ohoho. Nice to meet you!
  14. Ah, well I wont be able to help much on that... qwq but I know I can do some steps. But I'm not an expert or anything but I'll gladly help as much as I can.