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  1. @Angie I don't main her, but I have played her both PvP and PvE. You don't need gear to clear Add dungeon and that's saying something. Pvp, she's has the highest P.Def and P.Atk in the game I believe. Plus her passives making her hit harder and tank harder. Her combos look fancy but they are the easiest and fluent to control (at least with my experience). She has a ridiculous amount of power stuns in pvp & a free stoic. (Hang on and >>zx) Her glides that actually hit stuns, her hit boxes are bullshit and zzz is infinite. So yeah. Fun. Oh and if you're geared in PvE, you dont even have to use Special Actives in an Add run, just go full z/x + few buffs and gg nore. Laby bomb/Kapow/Mont Blanc, those are the top skills I know that are mainly used. I don't main her, again, but it's how in experienced with her. Good luck. ( I also haven't played in like 3 months as well so RIP that too )
  2. EW definitely. Most brain dead class in the game.
  3. lmao this entire game needs fixing fr tho, anemos buff pls : (
  4. Depends, but it is heavily geared based. You can't win in SSS tier in 1v1 unless you play top tier class or flat out gear. Take Anemos vs EtW, if both geared, EtW hands down will ezpz win. In 2v2/3v3, it all depends. If all party member isnt gear, well, you're fucked. If one is geared and the other isnt, the one isnt geared has to run for their life (scummy but it's pvp lmao) and pray your partner knows what they are doing; vice versa. (3v3 is a clusterfuck, I dont know well enough to say much but get long range bitches or an EtW reee.) All in all, yes and no. But it's better to have gear.
  5. u kno thats not the best way to reel in $$ for ur dying server, not even whales wanna participate in this shit of a show UWU
  6. I am f2p, never spent a dime, but it definitely takes time especially to grind the shit you need. You can pay in this game to get further but I don't know if it's a p2w situation. There's definitely cash cows on this game but they spend it just to spend it. No one really cares.
  7. nothnx

    ABOUT chair

    P A T I E N C E P L S. just wait it out, idk why people are demanding so much. its just a pixel fashion like, if it comes it comes LMAO. Granted void hadn't had a limited sale since xmas.
  8. the last time they tried to help increasing trade limit, it made inasty go nuts cough tickets and coins but uh, tbh we'd have to wait for kog to do something about it, i dont think void can re-arrange kog's coding without bajillions of bugs
  9. wegottathinkpositive, can't change the fact that it's 2x add drop. What's been done has been done. If it's a partial percentage of what they want, then whatever. I already expected this would happen. Forum population isn't Void's entirety so of course voting would be imbalanced. I won't deny that I would have preferred 100% random missions. I literally have every exp buffs from sockets, erp, 300% medals, elixirs, every acc literally waiting only to be disappointed by 2x add drop. But hey, it happened, like I said. We can't do much but vent like idiots.
  10. I mean let's think of it this way. You can abuse the 2x fusion drop to sell shards. Yay ED. =D
  11. Lullaby and VIG. VIG hasn't been rotated in 2 years and more. I'm assuming Void's pattern is pairing one good/new IB with not the best ones. Thatsjustmetho.
  12. 1500 pouches, 3x +9. THATS it. Now I have 3 pages worth of consumables yay.
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    plS add some patience