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  1. Suggestion declined. We aren't planning on increasing the rate at the moment. I'll be locking this up.
  2. Welcome back to the forums! I hope you enjoy being back. That is a very soft and good duck.
  3. No worries! If it ever happens again, just @ mention all the Moderators and we'll remove it when we're available~
  4. It's fine as long as the theme is followed! I'll go ahead and remove it for you.
  5. Welcome back to the forums! I hope you enjoy being back.
  6. If you're going to mention two, you should mention them all, I think. It wasn't just Lilu and I who worked hard to bring this event. I barely did anything compared to the others. Everyone equally worked hard to make sure the event would be something great, so they all deserve appreciation, in my opinion. As for my favourite thing about Void? Probably that I can pick it up and play without stressing too much about gear and stuff. Back when I played officials, I always ended up hitting a wall because my gear wasn't good enough, and leveling was a pain to do. I'm more of a casual player who enjoys playing the game at my own leisure, rather than sitting and grinding for hours and hours, so being able to experience things I never got to on officials because of those barriers was really nice. Plus I just really respect and appreciate the staff. They've all been through a lot, yet they still stand strong. It might seem like I'm sucking up or saying it because I have to, but I'm truly not. I've learnt a lot from the staff and the community, and if I didn't like either of them (or my job), I wouldn't be here. I think that should say a lot. I also love and appreciate the friends I've met along the way. I've made friends who I feel truly close with, which is hard for me to do since I'm an introvert. The majority of close friends I have I've met through here.
  7. Please use the respective PvE or PvP salt threads next time. I'll be locking this up.
  8. To make sure stuff like this doesn't happen again, it's probably better to not use any special fonts/symbols/etc. just in case! But even if it happens again, the Mods can help you out.
  9. Goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose to do next!
  10. Welcome to the forums and game! I hope you enjoy being here.
  11. Discussion of bans outside of the Ban Appeals section is not allowed, so I'll be locking this up. Goodbye and good luck with whatever you choose to do next.
  12. That's Miss Ran's idea.. and partially mine. Yep! Just finished uploading them so people can see them better.
  13. I took painkillers so they either work or I
  14. And people thought I wouldn't give them shirtless Solace. I'll upload bigger images of the art I did in a bit. The migraine is strong in this one today.
  15. Please refrain from derailing the thread.