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  1. Welcome back to void! Make yourself at home again on forum/game Enjoy
  2. Welcome Back!, well if you need anyone, join spar rooms or join guilds to talk to people But if you need one, feel free to add me here or in game Enjoy Void though
  3. Best of luck in the future, I still remember giving u free wedges, those were pretty dope, but I'm sorry to hear ur leaving, but no worries, I'm sure u'll visit us from time to time!
  4. Meeting new people and being able to start fresh
  5. Best of luck in the future!
  6. Welcome back to void!, Well void is fluctuating when nothing is going on, but there is an event soooo a lot of activity, but it's up to you to decide Best of luck, have fun on void again
  7. Welcome to Void Community! Make yourself at home and have fun on forum/game. Enjoy
  8. Welcome back to Void!
  9. Hey welcome to void, make yourself at home on forum/game, if u need people to play with hmu Enjoy~
  10. Why you gotta leave me- On point, best of luck, be the best artist you can be~
  11. Welcome back!
  12. Welcome to Void! *Throws confetti* Make yourself at home on game/forum, make yourself at home Enjoy