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  1. I never knew this day would come but heck it's time to move on, I think I'm done entirely on the game/forum, since I really don't want to focus too much on it as well as I personally can't tolerate the community (no offense to anyone). To some people yes its great and all while others, well there is time for improvement for the better. Well best of luck to others who are in the game or elsewhere. Hope good things may continue to happen on this server as well as more people joining it and making it thrive further Best of Luck Zouro signing out~
  2. I love the weapon appearance ngl, even if I don't get the weapon itself, it's still a nice MW +1
  3. Welcome to void make yourself at home on game/forum sorry to hear you being alone from time to time, but this community is fit for you, I'm sure you'll get the friends you so ever desired! Enjoy~
  4. Welcome back to void! Make yourself at home on game/forum Enjoy~
  5. Welcome back to void! Make yourself at home on game/forum, idm a few runs with you or just a pep talk Enjoy~
  6. Feel free to add me in game or on forum/discord, wouldn't mind a chat
  7. Welcome to Void, make yourself at home on game/forum again, Idm being your friend for sure Enjoy~
  8. Welcome to Void Callie! Make yourself at home on game/forum Enjoy~
  9. Again people perceive differently, some people think that struggling is a hassle and need help, and thats understandable while others take it as a challenge, but as long we can agree that the game is just for fun as well as meeting their end game goal I dont see any reason to discuss further.
  10. For some people yes, not everyone, and I did say "it would be nice" referring to this suggestion of this short enhancement event being implemented on this server similar to KR/NA and being possible for a few days,but whatsoever don't take into assumption that what is said is literally "denying players" from gaining what they want. Everyone got their ideas/opinions on things, at the end it's up to the staff to decide if can happen or not. And my last question stating that if everyone was able to clear and do things solo, (based on my pov) where would the fun be?, but it doesn't mean I will assume others will think that way. Take into consideration that not everyone perceives things the way you do.
  11. Best of luck in ur future, glad you are able to find a job and work with your sister honestly thats the best in the family And I'm sorry to hear that your friends left you, though it may be a part of life, but hope you gain new friends in the long run You will be missed, be well in your future
  12. I think its better to just keep it the way it is, though it would be nice, but like if everyone is "end game", what purpose is there to play the game and have fun?
  13. Zouro


    Welcome back to void! Make yourself at home again on forum/game Enjoy
  14. Welcome Back!, well if you need anyone, join spar rooms or join guilds to talk to people But if you need one, feel free to add me here or in game Enjoy Void though