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  1. Solicity

    Worst bravery skill.

    Aisha needs buffs. Other character's strength skills are on par with her bravery or even stronger
  2. Solicity

    Worst bravery skill.

    [Inserts literally any Aisha bravery skill because they have poor damage AND functionality compared to other characters]
  3. Solicity

    《 Happy ED Wipe Anniversary 》

    Imagine spending money on an online game and actually having enough ed to get your ed tickets removed trolololol Good thing im poor, My condolences to your loss. Alexa, Play Panic at the disco!
  4. Solicity

    Increase drop rate for event materials

    Yes if not they might as well have a selective reward add on to the apink quest for ALL dungeon clears
  5. ugh ur my best friend i enjoy ur presence so much! 

    1. Solicity


      :wub: Thanks you too have a great day! :wub: