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  1. wow i almost forgot to meme bump with the last part of the chicken leek thing lmao not like anyone really cared tho LLLLL it's just images. but images of a chicken that molla hated with her guts for stealing her leek and preventing her from being a meme- hello join our guild, it's stupid but in a good way
  2. a new day as risen upon us, thus a new bump shall rise as well and as foretold, a continuation of the chicken-leek cold war— after such disrespect, did Molla cave into her strong feelings of vengeance and kidnap the wife? what about the eggs, the unborn children...? ...TBC... last part tomorrow lol
  3. it is time for The Bump— this is a 3-part cold war between a beloved member of ours and a wild chicken, ignited over possession of the Sacred Leek... Molla, if you see this, know that katsoop and i were witnesses— be continued...
  4. it's been 24 hours, i can meme bump now >:3c exposing our GM, who buckled in her buggy ass desktop to the repair shop whe e z e,
  5. Name/Nickname: sant uwu IGN: Ufotable Main/Alt: alt, but i'll make sure to be decently active! Char+Class: Assward, Ass Bringer B) Timezone: uhh drumpf's land, PA Why would you like to join this guild?: cuz i skate fast and eat ass bbyyyy >:^)) lol bc phy is a k00l k1d and i wanna have more ppl to talk to úwù (im gonna be offline for a few hours tho, am at the lord's house rn hhhh)
  6. ey wat up what is sparring
  7. i rly like that void els made locked skills and transcendence free also the 5x ec rate but board price for recovery pots r makin me salty so anyone w the mats and ed hmu for complete secret recov pots im alchemy lv6 lmao edit; forgot to say i am new only played void els for like. 5 days 2nd edit; didnt put my fuccin name. fehrng :0