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  1. can't say i particularly worshipped anything about VoidEls that NA didn't have, etc etc. yeah i didn't have to buy or grind tediously for shit like unlocking skills and job advancements, but NA's events included those things. patience is a virtue :sleep: not necessarily something to credit VoidEls for, but i met my guild here and as sappy as it sounds i'm very glad i came here because of it.
  2. that's understandable, tho idk if u can afk coffee break during it LOL it just doesn't make sense to me that a full set of dungeons specifically released for this event turns out to not give the most shells (outside of raid that is)
  3. bump pls validate me shirtless solace with hernia
  4. no cus it takes too much time for only 1 seashell (which is why i made this post) not only that, day 1 some people were getting mac banned for doing it-- it was fixed today but ppl still dont wanna do it :I
  5. oof first serious topic pls be nice i have owotism :0 so yeah i see a lot of people are content with how many seashells regular dungeons are giving. i'm not one of them, personally i wish the drops were a little bit more but that's not what this topic is about oops— event dungeons giving only 1 seashell doesn't make sense to me? 3 red-bean sherbets can kiss my ass for all i care, doesn't make up for lack of seashells. since the macban issue was fixed, maybe they can make the event dungeons give more seashells since y'know they're dungeons released for the event? they're not exactly fun either. so more seashells from event dungeons sounds reasonable to me. if it seems too easy of a gain, considering drabaki gives 3 seashells and aside from with keys we can only enter every 2 hours, make an entry limit to the event dungeons? since i know the tickets to enter are cheap and don't seem to get used up idk (sorry in advance if someone already made a post about this sgdfgfhg)
  6. even just a little buff to drops would be great... as someone who is forced to be f2p and can't really grind mindlessly like Surviving suggested, i need a lot of seashells (1.5k at the least for the +10s and over 2.6k for all other things i want) and im already burnt out at 50 shells. im weak af no flaem bls power to the grinders, but i'm going to lose my mind at this rate fr +1 for more drops please... edit: a better suggestion, perhaps? more seashells from event dungeons at least.
  7. meem bupm tiem instead of a wacky conversation, instead have a glimpse of a couple standalone wacky comments help us
  8. yōkoso, santo no mīmu・banpu・kōnā e. kyō wa, Mari (Molla to kekkon) no fusei kōi o kansatsu shimasu.
  9. wow i almost forgot to meme bump with the last part of the chicken leek thing lmao not like anyone really cared tho LLLLL it's just images. but images of a chicken that molla hated with her guts for stealing her leek and preventing her from being a meme- hello join our guild, it's stupid but in a good way
  10. a new day as risen upon us, thus a new bump shall rise as well and as foretold, a continuation of the chicken-leek cold war— after such disrespect, did Molla cave into her strong feelings of vengeance and kidnap the wife? what about the eggs, the unborn children...? ...TBC... last part tomorrow lol
  11. it is time for The Bump— this is a 3-part cold war between a beloved member of ours and a wild chicken, ignited over possession of the Sacred Leek... Molla, if you see this, know that katsoop and i were witnesses— be continued...