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  1. for this months voids artist, does it have to be strictly christmas, or could you go with a different holiday, like hanukkah?
  2. no, i get it, i can read. i was just saying why i think it's very unlikely that'd be possible. sorry it came off wrong.
  3. hey, i know those! i translated those at one point, and they're all really cute! however, yeah, i'm pretty sure you're right, you'd have to get permission from that artist specifically, i think. they made those stickers as a submission for a contest (which contest, i'm not entirely sure? it sounds like JPN elsword team, or JPN line themselves?? might've held one for this or something, but i don't know the details) and won. however, they still don't know if the stickers are actually going to be sold or not. (last time i checked at least, maybe i can dig around and find out) so, they're still the property of that specific artist and no one else, and you'd need their permission to use them, basically. which i'm not sure void would be able to get, considering it's just one person who made them and void is a big (overseas too!) community. ^^; i think the rest of the emojis on the NA forum aren't here for a similar reason, since they appear to have been made by community members specifically for NA forums.
  4. i agree with adding the line stickers - they're on the na forum, and they're all really cute and expressive. it'd be pretty nice to have them on this forum too!
  5. Regarding the Void's Artist event - what are the general rules on posting WIPs of your entry after reserving, but before finishing it and posting it as a full entry? Sorry if this is a silly question, but I don't want to accidentally mess up.