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  1. when u been chatting with Awya in sparr and then server DCs u right as u wanted to ask for Discord to talk more without maintenance cucking u
  2. welcome to void, complaining = progress (not) srsly, what the actual sht happend to this community xD did we go full NA? i thought we were better then this and a community server, so we wouldnt complain about the server :/
  3. i mean, the ed is cute af, i can get like 200m in 3-5 hours due to how dumb TH ed boost is, combine that with resellers being a thing and you wont care about ed. also u can just make full item droprate sets to get the 300 shards in no time at all, so they dont care about the requirements. i suggest avoiding sparr for a while till those people got bored since... yeeeaaah
  4. just Yata doesnt know at the moment, server might be up in 1-2 hours so no use asking anyway since we will be back on in no time and can test
  5. as yata said before, he/she doesnt know! they can only semi confirm elrianode!!
  6. or maybe they just wanted to motivate us to get a sht ton of shards and to grind alot, since this event brought alot of people together and i had alot of fun grinding for this event, i prefer this style rather then that, since it gives you good motivation
  7. you can make multiple accs, +11 an elrianode piece and send it per mail to your main
  8. imma finna get full +9 bluhen and make him stupidly tanky, +10 weap and finish my mystics on my apoc
  9. im a lvl 8 blacksmith and back then i spend like 6b on fluos. then another 6b on mithrils alone. welcome to the world of people who have no luck at all!
  10. i wanted to sell the +11 armor to get enough ed for +10 ammy and then still have ED left for other upgrades, thats why i ask. been +9 since an entire year and spend 12b total on trying to +10 through the entire year. last christmas couldnt get the ammy sadly so i hope i can get one this time
  11. you mean +10ing by using a bs to jump from +7 or +8 to +10 >->
  12. >-> you can use the +11 ammy to enhance a elrianode piece. thats what i meant with service.
  13. what do u guys think will winter core service cost?
  14. you know void is a bit dead when the update discussion thread is dead >-> like the last post was 1 hour ago
  15. thank you for the fast patch. i will pay you in respect