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  1. Destiel

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Res, will give it a try
  2. Preferred Name: You can call me Red, Des, Thiel~IGN: IsethielMain/Alt?: Umm... Dunno cause I still don't have main... But let's call him my main atm~Old/Current Guild (If you have one): NoFavorite K-Pop Song: Dreamcatcher - Chase MeFavorite K-Pop Artist: Dreamcatcher, T-ARA, Twice, K-Pop Bias: Don't have one cause Yujin's Strawberry~
  3. Name: Dominik (plz don't call me by my name, I hate it)IGN(s): GalaxaSama, IndustriaTime zone: +1:00 UTCAbout yourself (optional): I spend too much ED on avatars for my Aisha and still don't have enough. Wannabe Aisha main, twin tails lover, too gay to be str8, living in magic wardrobe cause dressing up is ma laifu.Are you here to stay for a long time?: Yes!What is your favorite school activity(optional): Umm... Leaving school? owo
  4. (How good you can dress 'em up + ship potential)*gayness That's my formula for choosing character and class~
  5. Destiel

    Regarding limited IM sales

    Yaaas, cause I'm always broke when there's temporal sale.
  6. Destiel

    Which class(es) do you main (2018)

    Well... I'm all about Bluhen atm, cause he's like... Full on soft ball of gayness and cuteness. also he works in almost every gay ship
  7. Destiel

    New at forum~

    Welcome to Void Forum Ruu! By the way, I love your name, it sounds so cute
  8. Destiel

    New-old-returning player?

    Thank you so much
  9. Destiel

    New-old-returning player?

    I'll sure have some! And thanks, naming yourself after ship simply makes you use art like that
  10. Destiel

    New-old-returning player?

    Thank you! I already find it A LOT more fun than before. Also I love your signature, it's so cute
  11. Well, hi there all! The name's Destiel, at least at the forum... I was playing at Void before (anyone remember times when B skill slot wasn't free?), tried to get back to game few times and... Now I'm trying again, yay! Atm I've created Code Esencia, fresh lvl 99! It's probably the first time when I actually did hit lvl cap. However she's not my main, at least I don't think so. Anyone had the same problem when you can't choose your main and slowly you're transforming into Jack of all trades, master of none? Yeah, that's probably all I have to say right now. Feel free to ask me anything if you want, because it's not like I'm lonely or something... <---- Lonely af
  12. Name/Nickname (optional): Cook IGN: NuwangDeGouClass: AsuraMain or Alt: Main... I think. At least I'm trying to make her my main character.Previous Guild (if you were in one before): ThanaterosGear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): That cube gear, lol.Timezone: UTC +01:00About you (optional): Just a regular school guy with a tendency to ship 3/4 male characters wherever he can, who loves to create backstory for every character he creates in game and will be always poor~Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I'm looking for a guild that would be kinda like... Family? I'd like to feel free and have fun with people I could call friends.
  13. Destiel

    What do you hate the most from 3rd job?

    Aether Sage, a decent design, yet could be fancier, but okay. Commands not so bad, same with mod skills (Useful Cyclone? Heck yeah!), maybe Chain Lightning could be better but can find some uses in PvP. Oz Sorcerer has one of the best designs in my opinion, but that's probably all. She's still treated like regular VP - who cares bout her? Her passives are not so great, don't give her much power. Oz's Dream only useful part may be cooldown reduction, Oz's Power, simply meh for me. Angkor as a human is nice touch however, it would be better if he showed more than only in HA. Her commands are... Ugh, especially her XX^XX. Mod Skills? They need more power in my opinion, especially Plasma Laser. It looks nice, but it's not as good as old Plasma. Metamorphy, my magical girl. What have they done to you? I love her normal/Make Up look, don't get me wrong, but her HA look? It's just... Too much! I imagine her as some kind of ultimate magical girl here, like Godoka or Eternal Sailor Moon, not as... Ribbon Make Up... Commands... Screw Driver pull nice one, ZZZX not so much, could be done better. Force skills... Impact Zone nerf is bad, Impact Hammer is nothing else than range decrease to hit around her, Screw Driver... Well, Drill version is back~ Overall 3rd jobs are... Transcendence 2.0 with new (or not) designs. They add few passives, some are better, some worse, two commands, which are most of the time bad/lazy and Mod skills which is nothing else than skill notes 2.0/skills with change trait 2.0. I don't hate everything, but I also don't like everything, cause some parts could be done better, for example mod skills, cause they could add completely new gameplay to all characters and make players actually try to take their own path, because let's be honest 3/4 of players use the same build because it's simply good. Also, I hate thing like not using new weapon models in classes like Immortal, Innocent, why they even bothered in creating new models if characters use them once or twice? But the worst thing, in my opinion, is laziness in Lu/Ciel paths. All new commands are the same. SAME COMMANDS. KoG was so lazy that they just added the same command to both Lu and Ciel and were like "Hey look, they also got two commands!".
  14. Destiel

    Returning player from 3 years ago

    Welcome back in here, if you need anyone to play with PM me~ I'm lonely af ; ;
  15. Destiel

    Returning player

    Just came here cause you have that nice Raven art I love. Welcome back.