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  1. Most likely not since my downloads are still at 0.13 - 0.25 MB
  2. Ayy you're almost there! You got this.
  3. Is it safe to restart the download? Cause one of my friends said that it went faster for her once she did it (like 2 hours to finish .40 GB) and she said that there may be less people downloading it now.
  4. Same here. I'm so tired right now and all i wanted to do was get some of my characters their 3rd jobs...
  5. Nah fam i'm busy all this week. I ain't stopping what i've started 10 hours ago.
  6. Hi i'm new here, and i'm trying to get used to the forums... I play CEm / Esencia (QueenEvve) and uh yea. Hope to meet new people here.