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  1. Oh shit this maintenance is soooooo goooooooddd my ED is ready for this :^)
  2. When i was in NA i was deeply into ES lol cuz her design is trully my taste ( her skill cut in ^p^ sexy back) but quit NA xP then came to void a few year later and wow what did i see . A very gey Ain appeared in character create , and as soon as i realized im soo in love with BL , his cute gay aura got me haha , still main him till now ( with HR,ES ) theyre rll fun to play recently im pretty interested in Apsara ( cus shes super fastooo thooo) but danm Ara ib price just really ... :dead:
  3. i just spent all my ed this morning- now im so brokee asdasdasdasdads
  4. How many an hour roughly? 50-70 Shards Which dungeon(s)? Altera SD Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? None (Raise drop rate please)
  5. For void’s artist Can i draw them in normal clothes( not ib or im ) XD and can the duo r 3 person, since im tend to draw luciel And ain