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  1. I couldn't decide which one to bump with.
  2. I got this earlier today when I was messing around. I was shooked. +11 DiA but I am still happy... Ciel, why are you stepping on Lu's foot.
  3. I'm excited- B U M P
  4. I hope this link works, bump
  5. Well, my friend persuaded me to play Elsword since 2013/2014? I didn't bother downloading NA til January 2015. My first character was CBS and I loved her til Luciel came out. My experience was alright, I remember not knowing where to assign skill points because I had so many skills to choose from (but then again I only had 4 skill slots...) Now it's just choosing skill traits. For old memories sake, my first character in Void was CBS.
  6. Haha I'm swapping the bump today. One of my favorite girls-
  7. This run kinda surprised me since my average is around 1:40 without buffs. Best run I got on my DiA~ +10 Void- Stage 10 and +8 Heroics
  8. posts this song too because why not
  9. Alright, I'm online right now
  10. IGN: Phyrius Name/What you want to be called: Phy or Prinny Reason for joining(Optional): I wanted to find a chill guild that's not super big. Tell us a little about yourself: Uhh... I like to watch anime or read manga because I have no life. I tend to procrastinate on everything. What will you be expecting from this guild?: Looking for new friends to play with and maybe just to mess around.