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  1. Well, my friend persuaded me to play Elsword since 2013/2014? I didn't bother downloading NA til January 2015. My first character was CBS and I loved her til Luciel came out. My experience was alright, I remember not knowing where to assign skill points because I had so many skills to choose from (but then again I only had 4 skill slots...) Now it's just choosing skill traits. For old memories sake, my first character in Void was CBS.
  2. IGN: SatanekoTeam of choice: Team Ignia
  3. Haha I'm swapping the bump today. One of my favorite girls-
  4. This run kinda surprised me since my average is around 1:40 without buffs. Best run I got on my DiA~ +10 Void- Stage 10 and +8 Heroics
  5. posts this song too because why not
  6. Alright, I'm online right now
  7. IGN: Phyrius Name/What you want to be called: Phy or Prinny Reason for joining(Optional): I wanted to find a chill guild that's not super big. Tell us a little about yourself: Uhh... I like to watch anime or read manga because I have no life. I tend to procrastinate on everything. What will you be expecting from this guild?: Looking for new friends to play with and maybe just to mess around.