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  1. Welcome to Void! you may not experience some lags from the beginning but it will come up randomly sometimes, it's an international server anyway so it makes sense. However, i hope you'll have fun here dear!
  2. Chii

    [Weekly] Void's Designer

    A pink welcome from Lu! ign: Lizexiis ITEMS USED:
  3. Nisha all the way i might play EtW too but i will main NL for sure
  4. Chii

    What do you hate the most in this game?

    Toxic people, RNG, lags..
  5. +1 cuz i want them but never had a chance especially that cat
  6. Chii

    Valentine's Event

    +1, as far as i have been here, they didn't ever had a valentines event, so it would be really nice to have one for once
  7. Chii

    Goodbye my friends~

    That's sad to hear, i'm sorry, but whatever you're planning to do next, i wish you best luck and take care!!
  8. +1! hope this will be a thing someday! black RF looks pretty nice or no?
  9. Chii

    Taking a Break for now

    Understandable, i hope everything will be alright out there for you goodluck for whatever you will do from this break, i'm sure it will be worth it! :syobonyanGift:
  10. ▼ IGN: ArchSpirit ▼ Main or Alt?: Alt ▼ Why do you want to join?: i'm lonely and want to make friends to have fun with ;v; ▼ Best time to invite you: today
  11. Chii


    Welcome to the forums!
  12. Chii

    Rena hater

    Rena is love Rena is life i have been considering to actually make her my 2nd main since i have a thing for archers too! i love all the three classes design-wise but overall Daybreaker is my fav!! i love how pure and positive she is <3