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  1. Delilcate


    Welcome to the forums!
  2. Delilcate

    Rena hater

    Rena is love Rena is life i have been considering to actually make her my 2nd main since i have a thing for archers too! i love all the three classes design-wise but overall Daybreaker is my fav!! i love how pure and positive she is <3
  3. Delilcate

    bring back hoya for the next event

    Hoya is stronger then me and one shots the mobs so yes +1 he's also cute
  4. Delilcate

    Back to the IM (New Suggestions)

    +1 i need that piano and cool charming stuff :<
  5. Delilcate

    Which class(es) do you main (2018)

    Code:U because i love her playstyle
  6. Delilcate

    It's been a while

    Welcome back!
  7. I can join now since i'm online~
  8. IGN: Yamiau Class: Code Esencia Language: English and Swedish Age(optional): -- Discord(optional): Chi#5496
  9. Name: Yami / Mochi IGN: Yamiau Character/Class: Code Esencia Level: 99 Timezone: UTC +1 Age(optional): - Discord(If you have it): Yamiau#1933 About yourself: Just a girl who likes to get along and have fun with people (even tho i'm lonely af), i also draw and listen to music alot. i might not be talking to much at first since i'm shy but... I will come in randomly now and then, nice to meet you~
  10. Accepted! you can go ahead and join the discord server which has the link above and the staff will add you in-game asap! Also hi it's me mochi
  11. Delilcate

    [Reunion] "Where we meet again" / Lv.15 PvE Guild

    IGN/Class/Level : Joyfulness/Code:Esencia/lvl. 99 Member/Guest : Member About me : You will see for the time being c: Why I decided to join : looking for a place to call home, so i hope we will get along o/ My Discord tag : darling#1933
  12. May i be a guest on your discord server?
  13. Delilcate


    Welcome back to the salty Forum.
  14. Delilcate

    [Chic] - Lv6 PvE Guild - To the top with style!

    Beautiful thread, seems like a good guild tbh, might thinking about joining it.