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  1. Since i have nothing to do and i am bored, i decided to make a clear farewell thread. So it is basically my turn to move on from this game, i started around 3 years ago as Ara, and have been playing until 2019 and have been maining Eve. i actually quitted a few weeks ago, but i realized how lame my farewell message was in my status update, I feel like i am not into this game as i used to back then and everything now is just the same thing and goes around like a circle without anything completely new besides adding new dungeons, ibs and so on. I still love the characters tho and especially Eve. For me games are supposed to be fun and challenging, i realized that this game isn't for me anymore i mean come on, whats fun with just playing the same dungeons 100x and stay afk?. I know some of you play because friends, i get that, but my besties quitted the game aswell and i am pr much alone so idk you tell me if that is fun lol. Even though i met some nice people from different guilds i joined and left, i still have good memories from stuff i have been in from a certain person and other friends of mine. So i am quite grateful that i was able to experience that through this game 3 years ago. Now i have new goals to reach! I'll still be on forums for art, because WOW, there are some really talented artists there and i love seeing their art and it is inspiring for me as a fellow artist myself. I may comeback someday when KOG decides to fix their whole game, but too bad we all know KOG too well. Bye-bye!
  2. Welcome back Yuris, i hope you've been doing fine during your hiatus and glad to see you back again!
  3. I'm pretty good with the neaun exchanges, more pots right~
  4. I've seen you a bit around, so.. nice to meet you too! and yes Eve and Laby are cuties ❤
  5. Finally Nisha is here i can already imagine the download traffic
  6. Welcome back! I hope you will be enjoying your time here again, you can always hit me up in messages if you need anything <3 you sound like a great person to talk to so idm being friends!
  7. Your Name: Lady IGN: Milklee Main or Alt?: Alt Age & Timezone (optional): 17y/ UTC+1 About you: Just an awkward girl who likes to hang along, i love drawing too. Why would cha like to join?: I just want to find a guild where i can create good memories and good laughs, and ofc to make some friends
  8. The invite to discord is in the thread, or are you already there? i won't be online in game until i get home, i'll be DMing you when i can reinvite you.
  9. Welcome to Void! there's nothing much you'd need to know about the community but that there are toxic ppl in here but there are nice ones aswell, i mean; every game community has it right? that's pretty much it and i hope you'll be enjoying your stay here!
  10. Ara Sakra Devanam cuz i had no idea what change jobs was xD but i had really fun with her!