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  1. I was talking about the whole community not you, obviously you didnt understand a single thing I said? I reccomend actually reading it. Dont assume everything is about yourself lmao.
  2. Not really lmfao, maybe if one year is all you need to qualify. Personally I think of old gen as the top players before gear carried you to the moon and you actually needed to wip out some combos, but some people view it different. Yea I noticed, I expected it to be much worse but I've hardly seen any, besides typical no gear A ranks etc
  3. Heres a few points. An edit for those who are special, I'm talking about the entire higher up pvp community, do dont take the "you"s as direct shade please, lmfao. >right now is especially dead compared to before reset since most dont want to deal with laby. > Let's just say most of the old pvpers dont like any of the new gen, etc you and the rest of the top 10 holders of the leaderboard. >I know your the white queen of pvp and all, but normal people who arent full +11 with a 1b title dont enjoy playing with you, or anyone within the same league. Its especially annoying when most times you look like your afk sitting there like you could be doing better things. >Anyone who had much of any actual skill is gone, all that's left is "optimal" players, who again are overgeared and, for normal people who might just enjoy pvp, it's just not worth it to any degree. Also dead game so, well theres that. Aaand a disclaimer, I'm not saying I'm better then anyone or anything, nor am I an old gen whatever, definitely not the most skilled, and yes I do get salty sometimes, and I enjoy pvp highly but, all point considered it is no where near as fun as it used to be and it doesnt seem to be getting better anytime soon, and overall, pvp has become more of a "who can deal more damage and fuck over the other person first", and especially when that entire league is exclusive to easy classes or the p2w.
  4. Yea because now for the rest of my life I’m gonna have Vietnam void flashbacks, I tried to fight for my poor ele but was DENIED Wish they cared enough to do so
  5. Farewell to void, I was the dumbass who took some apples from a hacker and the staff threw the ban flyer to me. It’s been fun my dudes, rip all my money spent, thanks to some apples, tried to unban and all I got was an excuse, and then it was,”yea sorry no not unbanning your account and that’s the end of it, try to bother me again with your pitiful existence and I’ll ban ur ip from playing huhuhuhu” in a very formal tone. I was Enrage, that poor elesis who was gear carried but got rekt by B ranks. And I was gonna drop 100$ this summer but RIP THERE GOES THAT, goodbye my friends and prayers to all the victims of a “not giving a fuck” staff. Jokes on staff. And can we just acknowledge how there’s still hackers out there that never got banned but I got perma banned because I was given some apples, like, get your priorities straight, Please think twice before fucking over innocent people. Any further attempts to argue against this will be ignored you can go and kys. •highly influenced from the response I got from Luci, idk who she is, but I guess she’s a GS