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  1. xFragmentZ

    Good byes

    Which bug?
  2. xFragmentZ

    Farewell. And this is why i quit.

    How about stop being retarded when buying/selling codes? Can't be too hard to open your browser, go to the forums, search Stay's thread and look up who's legit.
  3. xFragmentZ

    Farewell. And this is why i quit.

    Am I the only one not seeing the problem?
  4. xFragmentZ

    PGC Chargeback? What did I do?

    Problem is if you buy codes off anyone, they can easily refund them on pixel and get the buyer banned
  5. xFragmentZ

    PGC Chargeback? What did I do?

    Bought a code off anyone?
  6. xFragmentZ

    how to get Star Rank

    CoC works aswell, pretty expensive though
  7. xFragmentZ

    [11/01/16] Maintenance Discussion

    The rose low prices are gonna be off the charts lol. Glad I got my full perki for 1b huehue
  8. xFragmentZ

    Official VoidEls Tier List (Tourney/Sparring)

    I really wonder which classes are in which tier post-transcendence
  9. xFragmentZ

    How to fight Geared Persons

    Gear up. that's the only thing to do vs geared people. things like baiting rof arent as consistent as gettin s+ stones and a +9
  10. xFragmentZ


    *IGN: 2Fast*Level: 85*Language(s): German, English, Polish, Japanese (not yet completely fluent, though)*How active are you: up to 8 hours on weekends, 5 hours+ monday-friday (though I'm taking some breaks inbetween) *Why did you choose us: I chose you because I'm a really active pvp'er (mostly on my BM and my VC) and because you seem to be one of the few guilds that actually enforce their rules. Previous Guild: Cataclysm (was known as Audacity before I went into hiatus)Preferred Name: PeteAbout me: I'm 19 years old (turning 20 on november 4th), male, love comics and games and I'm a die-hard fan of supernatural and the walking dead.
  11. xFragmentZ

    Legendary weapon IDs

    I think it's +3 or +3.5 for SD weapons, +4 for hero weapons and +5 for raid weapons
  12. xFragmentZ

    Being cocky in arena

    Someone's being cocky? Play better than them and provoke them. Provoking people makes them salty which results in them making punishable mistakes most of the time.
  13. Oh well, that's gonna be a wall of text. IGN:2ToxicMain/Alt: new main (quit my RF due to him being too boring to play after about 6 years, lol)Level:currently 65 (85 by sunday, 'cause I'm questing for some free ED)Class:Veteran Commander Rank(PVP and/or Raid):Didn't raid on any of my characters yet, but will Raid on my VC and 5 other classes once we get Eltrion. My PVP rank depends on the class I'm playing, gonna list every rank below for deeper insight: CR SSS STr SS OPt SS RF SS VC currently B cuz I'll be starting to gather some AP once I buy my gear saturday next week How Active Are You:I'm playing every day for about 5 hours or more, depending on my working scheduleWhy You Decided To Join:I read your guilds past, how y'all developed and I also really liked the fact, that you gave us a pretty good insight on you and your admins. + I really enjoy pvp'ing and I'm looking forward to be part of a like-minded guild, who are as experienced as me and find as much fun in pvp'ing and interacting with each other as me Last Guild (optional):Last guild I was part of was [Catalyst], but I took a huge hiatus due to family business and 'am starting over new.Time Zone (optional): UTC +1Age(optional): turning 20 on november 4thAbout you(optional): Uhm, not really good with talking about myself, but I'll try anyways. I'm 19 years old, I'm living in germany (sadly. I can't stand the language and our cities) and I'm multilingual (speaking german, english, polish, japanese and I started a korean class last week). I'm pretty quiet at times, most people would describe me as pretty sarcastic. My sense of humour is pretty...let's say most people find it rude. But I still like talking to other people. Oh, and I'm pretty good with programming and coding in general.
  14. xFragmentZ

    Gonna leave for a time...

    dunno why everyone takes people salting at them so seriously. or maybe I'm just used to it due to playing LoL lmao anyways, take care m8
  15. Sure you can, I mean some people pvp naked, others stay base class and rek everything in their path. All you need is patience.