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  1. @Structure @Xera @Naivety @Shiryelle @PhysicsTM Lock it pls
  2. @Eiry @ProfaneLust Thank ya for the free bumps now i have time to bump it daily
  3. sadly idk who made this emoji btw
  4. Bye Bye :3 Have a good time without void :3
  5. ok how long goes the Limited Sale ?
  6. Bump i'm gonna change few things tomorrow
  7. what i see "INVISIBLE COSTUME FOR FREE" O_O *SMASHED THE MOUSE* What i see..... tears in my face *insert pepe the frog meme here* but realtalk.... No. Just no
  8. lazy to search the topics but yeah the boy/girl above me already said Ran denied the Suggestion about 5 times i guess @Structure @Shiryelle @Xera @Naivety and @PhysicsTM