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  1. No i don't wanna hear kids crying if there lose in pvp HELL NO !!!
  2. If i see the titel from this topic i need to think about this btw WELCOME TO VOID
  3. Too many furries btw Welcome Back
  4. no one wanna pay for this emote 700m (look at eve)
  5. And Welcome to my v2.0 of my first thread if you don't know what i'm talking here v1.0 Poll added Members Wishes/Changelog Lets start with the old stuff Warm and Lovely ♥ Cool but Charming ⁂ Sweet Valentine Romantic Valentine White Eternal Wedding / Black Eternal Wedding Combat Class v.2 Velder / Hamel Swimming School Set Eternal Wedding (Black & White) add later more stuff (btw which ideas have you, tell mee :3)