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  1. ✧ Let's go to the Beach ✧ i hope i don't get a sunburn :worry: ✧ IGN: Skog ✧ ✧ More Pictures + Items ✧
  2. 100% a +1 from me I have the feeling that it is more of a pvp thing. * you just have to look at the tasks of pvp and you already know where the rabbit is running * All in all, the Drabaki 5 Shells are fine, but I do not think all Vanymir can do it (and spend almost 20 minutes on the raid) now we come to SD's, why only one in Luto mode ??? (give it more like 2 idk) and the event dngs -.- *don't wanna talk about it* btw earlier before the event i expect laggy players but now gee.... send 991 to me
  3. with hard work you get your stuff its a -1 from me i mean why because you lazy to farm you wanna have it easy ? or what ?
  4. why should i pick "-1" the idea is good
  5. a beautiful beach as event dungeon + ran with a swimsuit as npc
  6. Syn


    Tomorrow is the 14 June and its a friday
  7. Syn


    June 15. -> 2018 <- not 2019
  8. Syn


    Sadly..... its the hard truth :c
  9. I don't see a problem from me a big fat +1 (wanna it for my ara and laby)