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  1. First ever character was a Rune Slayer. Super fun since day 1. Rune gliding in old Ereda was the best.
  2. I definitely have the gear to do sub 1min but I suck and can't skip cutscene uwu
  3. I don't care what they do with the idols portion of the event at this point. Just remove it all together and let everyone vote lol
  4. This would probably cause more salt in the community than it's worth. All I can say is sorry to those that didn't pick Ignia and best of luck in pulling a +10/+11 ammy instead.
  5. Sorry for even attempting at making a suggestion to make the teams more even in the future I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ How would -you- fix it since what I said is so trash?
  6. Because it's relevant to the thread as a whole?
  7. You're getting rewards no matter which team you're on. it doesn't actually matter
  8. Yep, already said people would complain about it and here we are xD
  9. I think on paper, the event theme was a fun idea. I like that the mods tried something new. It's just unfortunate that everyone was able to see and communicate what team they would be going for so easily and coordinate, then the people who saw which idol was ahead could flock to her so they actually had a chance to vote. I think next time teams should probably be randomised (If they ever decide to do something like this again). But then people would complain they didn't get the waifu they wanted. Can't keep everyone happy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. +1 Would love an additional way to work towards getting better upgrades.
  11. 6/7/9 for me. Would love to spam 11-3 for max resonance farming. Might aswell throw in 4 to get PTH while we're at it
  12. Vote buffs 4/6/7/9 so we can spam farm 11-3 for resonance and title ok thank
  13. Hey cool! Glad to see a new style of event.