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  1. 1 thing I hate is aishas cd for teleport is stupid as hell in pvp. You have all these characters with pouncing and super speed and double jump. Aisha is the slowest character and she can't double jump or fly around yet people bitched so much about teleport. Raven can even outrun aishas teleport speed in dungeons so I think that was 1 of her most unfair nerfs. I don't see them putting a limit on adds teleport devices range and it only costs 10mp for them to teleport to other side of a map. Shadow step is a teleport where you are invincible why is it aisha has a cd for teleport but can't be invincible while teleporting too. The reason is because almost every raven player is secretly a salty ass prick who thinks that only their class should be treated with the absolute bias because aisha killed them with spurt so much in the past . If you have noticed that raven gets the least amount of nerfs out of any class whether it be pve or pvp. Ravens always bitch about every other class but themselves 2nd whiniest being add 3rd being ains 4th being chung 5# being ara. From my experiences these are the top 5 most toxic playerbases. Least toxic going from moderately toxic elsword,elesis,eve,rena luciel,aisha least toxic I left laby out because i have yet to become familiar with the community for them yet
  2. Ignore what the others say about Oz. they literally only played her until the nerfs came then abandoned her when she became hard to play which is void princess has been like that for years they know barely anything about the class. Oz was not even meta in pve after her 1st nerf that took her off the henir and pvp leaderboards. I'm going to be serious when I use the word "meta fag"."Meta fag" is a term used for people who only bandwagon classes because they are op and only cause they are op instead of playing the class cause they like it and they want to learn how to adapt and play. I've heard "meta fags"who claimed they were oz mains and say they are switching to nisha after oz nerfs. Conclusion: If you are not loyal to a class no point of playing it.
  3. What else can I say? most ains disappeared because they got replaced by a loli with bigger balls but anyways I chose aisha
  4. Well the thing is aisha is her 20s so shes not really a loli she just looks cute asf and is only mage. Lu can switch between loli and milf so she was not really replaced shes still unique.
  5. You know ains the only irrelevant one out of the list right? Bluhen was literally replaced by radiant soul and oz is still the debuff queen and now outdamages herrscher. You even called lu irrelevant when diangelion actually got buffed and is like extremely powerful right now in pve.
  6. I quit rose completely nice to meet you tho
  7. I have a weird feeling people only say rosso raid because they were carried.(besides the highly geared people) I think the most fun dungeon was laby's graboid dungeon. Too bad it's exclusive to laby.
  8. thats cool toothgap is a cute laby name
  9. guys I wanted to bring up that we can take people on mini games on each player what i mean is i took people on 2 mini games then my friend who ran with me was allowed to lobby wth me when I did my dailies when he had leader I canceled and I wanted to ask and see if its ok or is that a bug or can people do the dungeon even if their dailies are taken up as long as a person with diffrent leader takes us? @PhysicsTM @Structure @Shiryelle @Naivety @VoidEls @VoidCM
  10. am i allowed to play mini games or not i thought it was resolved The guild mini games (Hungry Ghost & Bump Bump Moby!) issues resolved
  11. My favorite thing about them is the guild bank always wins