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  1. Lylan


    Didn't you create a suggestion for this already if im not mistaken? Just bump the thread every 24 hours.
  2. Lylan

    looking for guild !

    Not sure if youd like to join [Fighters] since we're not exactly small... its up to you! Friendly and active and willing to help anyone out ♥
  3. image.png.6a125ea2ff6cd7d230885cc689839d6b.png

    Wow gg =w=; Im hurt LOL


    1. Hated


      what the fuck is wrong with that guy oof 

    2. Nuyu


      Don't worry, just ignore this guy. He's probably jealous 

  4. Also lemme just say. this suggestion would basically make events less... special honestly. It would simply make things too easy - easier than it already is. We honestly need to take the time to appreciate what we have on Void Elsword that the officials do not
  5. -1 on this bud, I just think itll put more work onto the staff. u.u Sorry ~
  6. Max amulet here in Void is +11 but Im not sure if Adds dungeon specifically would be good for that since its so quick and people abuse it @w@. Idk maybe Vanimyr since its always dead there (except raids) and maybe elrianode dungeons as well idk
  7. Acquired the PtH title and 1m CP for the first time !! ♥ So happy uwu


    1. Hail


      inb4 you delete this ara too...

    2. Lylan


      i highly doubt it this time uwu

  8. I agree with this ♥ +1 I feel like it should be reduced to 200 imo
  9. 4k/5k runs for PtH... QQ

    Just grinded for 5 hours straight omg

    My fingers hurt xD! Gonna rest and get the title later uwu

    Love you guys!

  10. Due to the tears being certain characters or different color depending on what you choose, it wont be tradeable due to that. It's basically a system in place for individual characters. Sure its a pain to seal em and then not be able to after - i even lost my +10/11 gear because of it but it does have a purpose to it. It also gives that feeling of one character being superior over the other from the gear as well. all in all, more of a challenge and its annoying yes but it also teaches some stuff like having a main or sticking to a decision uwu so -1 on that
  11. Video has been uploaded!



  12. Welcome back to the forums and Void elsword! Glad to have you back ♥
  13. if you dont mind me asking, whats the TW server stand for?
  14. @NovaEmperor Reason its so cheap is basically because CoC is going to be Nerfed so hard in the future to where its just some worthless title like the fossil reader title or something like that If you wanna buy it, go for it. I highly doubt its a hacked title
  15. Lylan


    would be nice though @ @...