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  1. Ooo! I see well its always nice to own a private guild -- especially when it becomes old and you'll just have allot of memories in it
  2. Well... welcome to the forums and as well as Void Elsword! ♥ I hope you and your little bro achieve allot together throughout your journeys! It is nice to have family members play with you ~ If you're ever in need for a Guild by the way, feel free to go check out the guild threads ♥ I miss when my brother used to play with me
  3. Do be safe out there and if... (Not saying you will) decide to come back, hopefully nothing like this will happen again. Honestly this may be for the better since you'll more than likely be focused on life and yourself more! Good luck on whatever you decide to do next Remember that it's never too late to start over. After all, that's what I had to go through
  4. After creating the character to test the class out to your liking, take your time on deciding because these could simply be quick urges for only temporary satisfaction cause trust me... aaaa I went through hell with it xD
  5. Welcome back to Void Elsword, sweetie! I hope you enjoy your time being back ~~ ! It's nice to meet you as well ^-^ ♥ If you have any questions, feel free to come by and ask ~!
  6. Welcome back after some time ~! Hope you enjoy being back here and srarting anew once again ♥
  7. Lylan

    LF > PvE Guild

    Feel free to check out the Guilds in the Guild thread section! One that I'm currently in is called AbsoluteDipshits and we're all into events, silliness and just mess around ~! Now we do take things seriously when it's needed of course. Feel free to check out our the thread here:
  8. Welcome to Void Elsword! And keep in mind, I'm the same way when it comes to people xD so you're not alone ~ I hope you enjoy your time here and make some friends along the way!
  9. Welcome to Void Elsword, sweetie! Have fun on your journey ~~ ^-^
  10. As much as I'd love this to happen, unfortunately it won't be able to due to technical issues... I would so love to have Shakti's eyes on my Apsara just for the sake of fashion xD
  11. Crimson Shadows

    Edgy, I know LOL



    Kinda don't like the green Aura around her from the recover thing but I really love how the background fits well with this look ~

  12. This would be nice given the fact that it's literally the same item but named differently -- +1 ♥♥
  13. Welcome to Void Elsword, sweetie! I hope you enjoy your time here ~! ♥ And good luck on your journey ^-^ (And welcome to the forums as well) ~~
  14. Lylan

    SD gear Renewal

    The thought of them actually trying to improve the gear, that would be amazing -- it would even leave a variety to different gear for a certain amount of time I suppose