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  1. New video has finally been uploaded ~! ♥


    Sorry for the delay! More videos will be uploaded weekly back on track


  2. Accepted! Go ahead and apply through our guild ad in game since I'm currently not online atm ~! ♥
  3. Ah ~ Another day has passed and is now time to bump the guild thread once again uwu When boredum hits- xD its crtingy I know - sdkjfksdbgdk
  4. Unfortunately, RNG is an issue :D... sdfknskjgg ;; sorry that this happened to you- youre not the only one dfkgdkjfnh
  5. Be safe out there! ♥~~ A chapter always comes to a close eventually
  6. Well an event should be here soon - probably within a week or more - not sure when but it's close
  7. Welcome back ~~! ♥ Hope you enjoy your stay here uwu - also, an event should be around the corner so you came at the right time ^-^
  8. @Niyo welcome to void els ~~! ♥ Hope you enjoy it here ^-^
  9. Alright ~! Let us know when you'd like to join us! ^-^ and don't worry- I saw your post and I understand the feeling all too well... hope you'll feel better someday and we're looking forward to meeting you! ♥
  10. Sorry for not making a video yet! Lots of stuff has been going on unfortunately but I should have one by next week ~ ♥


    1. Asilea


      15 notifications and it's all your fault!  :eveStare:

    2. Lylan


      sorry - kjefnkjenrkgn ;; :Menhera_Crawling:

    3. Asilea


      I'm jk after all I followed you on my oen.


      I'm just not really active here so they add up uwu

  11. huehuehue ~~ >w> Now this is just perfect xD - these 2 are meant to be I swear if one of them come and see this- LOL
  12. huehue - yes! we need this to happen- nfksnjgksg
  13. Always best to bring the good side of things ~ Sometimes people need to learn to appreciate u.u
  14. @Taorun Be safe out there! It's understandable that playing alone does really make things like 10000x boring and lonesome unfortunately... except when we were younger and basically found anything fun xD Hope you come back one day! Everyone needs a break which is completely understandable ~ still wish EC rates were at 9:100 but oh well what can ya do - ;w;