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  1. Welcome, welcome ~! ♥ Hope you enjoy it throughout the forums! ^-^
  2. If you're on the phone, you wont be able to unfortunately.. However, if you wanna change the color... you can do this on the computer:
  3. Welcome back to Void!~ ♥ ^-^
  4. Hello once again LOL xD... Welcome, welcome ~ ♥
  5. Lots to teach... + the rank thing is basically post allot into the forums, you'll eventually be able to add a signature and all after 200 posts then 500 for rank name. Anyway, hope you don't get in any trouble throughout the forums xD...
  6. it's going well, hope you enjoy your journey throughout the Void community ~! >u<
  7. welcome to the forums as well xD
  8. Welcome back to the forums/Void ♥ ^-^
  9. Welcome, welcome ~! And welcome to the forums ^-^ ♥
  10. IGN: Lylan Team Ignia ~! ♥
  11. tmw you like 2 characters and keep going back and forth between em xD... I've been thinking of going back to my Ara or still main Laby *faceplants* QQ

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Knight101


      Just decide what fits for you!

      • Note: You can use both if you want. It's your choice honestly. ^^
    3. Lylan


      Well I just decided to go for Laby and thanks for the responses xD

    4. Knight101


      No problem! ^^

  12. Yea, I've been thinking about the same thing about the tails and ears not matching xD... I agree 100% ~ +1 ♥