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  1. Sinnia

    Hello all! Nice to meet you.

    Welcome to Void! ^-^ Also, I do agree with you that Void is a great opportunity- I wish you luck on here!
  2. Sinnia

    Are people doing Varnimyr raids?

    Ahahah... I've been too afraid to do it even though I have a +11 I just feel like I'll die too much to even go in. I've done story mode like once...
  3. Sinnia


    Welcome to the forums o/ Hope you enjoy it here ^-^
  4. Sinnia

    Hi! I'm back!

    Welcome back! ^-^ I honestly find that people are being a bit too over hyped about Laby being around- what if she's going to turn out boring or something? ...Or maybe she is actually a he (not that there's anything bad about that just being silly) but seriously though i suggest not getting your hopes up too quickly...
  5. Sinnia

    Craftable +10 amulets.

    I honestly don't find this to be p2w if you're not gonna be lazy (not saying you just referring to general) farming ED and grinding story quests. This is the purpose of an MMO RPG- imagine if things were this easy- wouldn't it make the game a bit too easy and things would seem less rewarding? Things would feel too easy and not as fun anymore and it honestly wouldn't be fair to those who worked their asses off if this ever happens.
  6. Sinnia

    Cya o/

    I've seen you around time to time in game before .o. - too shy to speak to people in game >n< Hope your journey will be a nice one~ ♥ Be safe out there! ^-^
  7. Sinnia

    My Final Farewell

    Thanks for being honest rather than making excuses and blaming it on others and going straight to the point. Be safe out there! I've lost so much ;w;
  8. Sinnia

    [11/16/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Hm... Neat that we actually get more Guild Coins than before - I should've expected this xD
  9. Sinnia

    Hi, I'm New~

    Welcome back ~! Pvp nowadays is more cancerous especially after a year >n<
  10. Sinnia

    Hey Void!

    Welcome!~ Must be nice coming into the game that early. I always wanted to experience the young days of Elsword u.u