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  1. Sinnia

    Hi again

    Welcome back ~! ♥ Hope you enjoy your journey being back! ^-^
  2. Sinnia

    hi, i'm back & i need carries

    Welcome back ~! ^-^ ♥
  3. Sinnia

    Make Void Elsword great Again!

    No thanks... just simply unfair for the others.
  4. Welcome to Void els ~! Glad to know that you're exited for Laby xD Kinda lags due to void being a international server- and who knows if they'll be gone or not but... they probably will be anyway- welcome!
  5. Sinnia


    Welcome to void forums ~! Hope you'll enjoy it here! ^-^ ♥
  6. Sinnia

    [Malfeasance] Lv6 PvE guild looking for members! :)

    Good luck on your Guild ~~ ♥
  7. Sinnia

    h-hewwo? mwister pwesident?

    ♥ Welcome back to Void Els ~! ♥ Hope you enjoy your journey being back! ^-^
  8. Sinnia

    LF> Guild Pve

    You can come in and join [Fighters] ~ A lvl 15 Hybrid, friendly Guild with active Discord ^-^ You can always add me in game if you'd like to join! IGN: Sinnia
  9. Sinnia

    Moving Naeun or Myu in Elder

    Yea true... But you can just click on the NPC instead but yea I agree with this uwu
  10. Sinnia

    PvE Guild

    Feel free to join [Fighters[ Guild ~! Lvl 15 Hybrid Guild ^-^ Active Discord as well as events ~!
  11. Sinnia

    Returning to the grind

    Welcome back ~! Wishing you luck on your time back on the grinding! ^-^
  12. APPROVED I'll go ahead and invite you in game now ~! Or simply add me If im not on (Sinnia is my IGN) ^^