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  1. I just logged in
  2. IGN: ParanojiaLevel/Class: 99(146) / CUMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild:///Timezone:CEST (GMT+1)Reason for wanting to join:I just played for like 2 months alone and it got pretty boring and i would like to start raiding Preferred time for recruitment: Whenever i'm online (?)
  3. Does anyone have lag issues after the patch? I'm lagging like crazy D:
  4. SD :1-2 drops Add Dungeon : 1-3 drops Debrian : 1-3 drops Rarely get 0 To me the event is ok but i would like to know what's the chance to pull +9/10 ammys.
  5. IGN : Xqi Item : Lu HDY spirits or SR scar (if you already gave it or don't want to give it to me...anything would be good) Reason : the only reason is that i need an accessory for that spot and there's no other good looking accessory and, since i started playing on this server 1 month ago, i can't really afford to buy it Good bye :D
  6. IGN : Zqi Item: EP weapon or if it's too much anything is ok Reason: i've just started playing on this server so a little boost with ed would be nice GL with your IRL
  7. IGN : Zqi ITEM I Would like : SR Combo or any other combo or tbh anything is ok,we should be grateful that we get even one thing Reason : There's no real reason except i just started playing on this server playing Eve and seeing the prices of her sets makes me wanna kill myself :/ Best of luck for your IRL