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  1. It's fudgin' sieg!

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      Damn better hide

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      She'll spin and steal your gin! D:

  2. @RikkuLilith @Alexiel Both of your applications have been accepted. Welcome to Fateful! ♥ I will look for you online now. If you are not currently available please apply to us through Myu in game and we will invite you as soon as we can.
  3. Hi! I'm not from the older days of Void or anything, but welcome back! I hope you manage to have that wonderful gaming experience you're seeking.
  4. Hello, welcome to void! I hope you enjoy your time with us.
  5. IGN: aSieghartLevel / Class: Lvl 99 / Knight EmperorAge: 22Timezone / Country: BST, United KingdomA bit about yourself: I'm a bit of a nerdWhat made you decide to pick us: One of the few administrators of the late guild LightlySalted, but due to the guild leader's account being hacked I'm now on the guild search. This guild looks extremely well organised and quite the calming and enjoyable place to be, so I thought I'd give you guys a shot! If you're willing to have me, of course.Discord Tag: Zeruelle#9856
  6. :sweat_drops: I've done been discovered Scoob Now I gotta hide myself away in the depths of hell again The one and only in the flesh. Literally all the flesh because what's clothing. Ha ha thanks man! I plan to. <3
  7. Hi! Thanks for the welcome <3 Ha ha, I know that feeling. I've done it many times myself too - actually just today in 11-5 hypering way off the mark against stage 2 Hennon LOL.
  8. Oh hey man, nice to see you! Damn, void's being a cruel mistress, but she'll drop for you soon I'm sure of it. Thanks for the welcoming!
  9. Thank you! You probably did! I've been hanging around there while the event is going on. Nice to meet you. ♥
  10. HEY I LOVE YOU MORE ♥ ♥ ♥
  11. Thank you! I'll be sure to. ♥ Probably, I spam lots of 11-4 and post in megas sometimes lol
  12. Yo, I play a lot of Void, but I only just really came to the forums. Name's Zeru, nice to meet you guys. Uhhh I main Knight Emperor (aSieghart) and side Rune Master (LunaScribe), Immortal (ImmortaIity), Catastrophe (LiEaters), and Fatal Phantom (GoodBoye). I usually just chill in VoidEls5 springs so hope to see you guys around!
  13. Personally play-style and character are the priorities for me. If you don't enjoy the class you're playing you're gonna lose interest way too fast and not want to grind through the end game with them. Because in the end you're gonna be playing a lot of dungeons with that character to get tears, void weapon, shards, etc. so enjoying them is a must. In my case I adore the Elboys, play all three quite happily, with a bit of LuCiel and Chung on side. I enjoy being right in the middle of the action as my play-style, hence my addiction to Knight Emperor (my main), Immortal, Catastrophe and Comet Crusader.