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  1. Ya'll still gay :IgniaGrin:

    1. MavisSan


       You are still gay  too Sammy 


      But  I still luv ya

    2. Nemetic
    3. Boombayah

  3. You're gayer than me, btw

  4. #Tilly4GS 2k18

  5. you're still gay btw.

  6. Actually dropped by here for the first time in 9 months, surprised to see people still check out my page lol... Staff is still as corrupt and biased so doubt I'd be returning to this server/game. I do miss some of the people here though, I made a lot of awesome friends here and I'll never forget you guys <3

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    2. Lyur
    3. Dezz


      Missed you Sammy <3


    4. Saeran


      Sams you're cute and ily even if we don't talk

  7. i love u ♥♥♥♥♥

  8. 9 days since I got banned, gonna make a goodbye thread later if I remember

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    2. rohysolomon


      you Hack dont hack or use lag and i give you your accout to ran ok

      you have my friends cool and Send message to Ran dont bann my account

    3. DaMuffin


      I really hope you get a ban appeal quick. You've done tons for the community & it is sad to see you go.

    4. Judgement


      *cries* ; - ; </3

  9. YES Forgot to mention the mask everyone loves! Added, ty xx
  10. So like I guess this is more like asking for a costume to be added back instead of making an event suggestion. Reason being, the costume is in my opinion one of the best looking outfits & can be added to MW. The costumes were only on sale for 2 weeks from the 21st of July until the 4th of August. Many people including myself, may have been busy or on vacation during this period. Several people I've asked about this set haven't even noticed that this set was a temporary sale I'd ask for this to be considered to return in either ED burners, upcoming event or just added permanently to the Item Mall. Both colors/all characters
  11. I'm hoping for 300-600 EC. Guess we'll have to see when the game is up