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  1. In Game Name:Varka Age (optional):21 Gender:Male Country/Timezone: US/EST Previous Guild (optional):ThighHighs About yourself: A pretty chill computer science major, love dark humor playing games with people. always looking to grind with people makes everything more fun!
  2. Name/Nickname (optional): IGN: ZilkesClass: Crimson AvengerMain or Alt: MainPrevious Guild (if you were in one before):nope brand new!Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): umm not goodTimezone: EST/ GMT-4 About you (optional): - a nerdy college student. pretty chill overall. just looking for a play to chill with people and play the game.Why did you decide to join this Guild?: I am very new to the game and was looking though the guild forums and this guild looked appealing to me.
  3. Name: Ted IGN: Zilkes Character/Class: Crimson Avenger. for now still new trying to figure it out Level:82 Timezone:EST/ GMT-4 Age(optional):20 Discord(If you have it): Crazy297#6084