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  1. Chance is ofc lower with higher amount so RNG for those 100 shards will be low About 15 day ticket... I don't think idea for it will work Edit: let's be honest, new players won't open a lot of TC, unless they spend tons of money to sell EC and open them for fun. And ticket itself, even stackable might be annoying as hell for players who already got IBs. I won't even mention that they aren't bankshareable But I do know what we can add to the list, thank you for giving me idea
  2. -1 +10 is already easy to get (comparing to other servers) + Void wep drops kinda often. We also got a lot of x2 drop events Not gonna lie, this game won't be fun with everyone having +10 and right know a lot of people do have it. It's like giving free candy to a children who will cry after eating all of them
  3. One thing to mention, Ring of Fury is already in TC in two versions (just like Magic Necklace). I don't see any idea why both of them should be kept while original Ring of Fury got only 1 chance of sealing, when Mysterious version got infinite number. About Alchemist materials and Mithrils - I'll remove them for now
  4. Noted! Gonna lower a chance, since it's still stackable so it's still not that annoying as for example Agile Ring
  5. I will think about removing +7/8 amulets from a list And about trash items - I agree. Their task is to keep RNG on kinda balanced position, so +11 won't drop every 100 chests. But some of those items are trashy as hell and just annoying everyone (for example the ones which you mention as well) So I'd rather put items like Energy Shard which are usefull, replace trashy items and doesn't make any big changes into RNG About items for a new players like consumables - I added Realm Energy since it's smth that people won't form a lot on Gates of Darkness + it's usefull for chars like Luciel or Ara I'll think about adding more to the list @Astolfo Just to let you know that I mention that problem in topic ; )
  6. Okay, so Tresure Chest can be really profitable when you got luck + drops a lot of nice items. However not all of those items are useful anymore. Some of them are outdated and it should be changed. I think TC gonna need that update from time to time, but I'd like to suggest one now, since I was opening them from a beginning (when they used to be Void Hell Monster) Please, if you not agree with some of my changes, post your idea below, so I can update this suggestion later! Removing Quick Slot Expansion Ring Of Fury Magic Necklece Mana Concentration Necklace Stamina Fortifier Necklace Berserker's Ring Agile Ring Acceleration Ring Refined Time and Space Crystal - suggested by @Riricho-Shirakiin Magic Amulet Lv.7 - suggested by @Dream Explanation: Players already get all 6 quick slots with new created char. Magic Necklece and Ring of Fury are useless, since TC already got Mysterious version of those - which got infinite sealing. Mana Concentration and Stamina Fortifier Necklace are exactly the same as Mana Intensification Necklace & Spirit Overload Necklace which are in TC also. Berserker's, Agile and Acceleration rings are in chests which drops from a dungs. And they're kinda useless, so I don't see sense of keeping them here. Adding *[VoidEls] Mounts & Pet Exchange Coupon CoBo Transportation Service VIP Ticket (30 days) Partner Ring *Formal Attitude Costumes Cube (all versions) *Eternal Wedding Costume Cube (black version) *Eternal Wedding Black Wings *Eternal Wedding Black Heavenly Aura Demon Realm Energy (x5/x15/x25) *Energy Shard (x15/x25/x50/x100) *Purple/Blue/Red Powder Fragment (x25/x50/x100) * lower chance with higher amount; chance for 100 energy shards should be really low *They should have low chance to obtain, same as +9 Magic Amulet *Note: It's last exchange at Naeun NPC, perm pets/mounts Explanation: CoBo Ticket used to be in old Void Monster Souls as a part of Miss Elios cube. I think it would be fair to see it again. Partner Ring also was a part of old Void chests. About Energdy shards and powder - I think it would be nice update comparing to new content on Elsword When it comes to TH and Alchemist items - they might be useful as well, but I'm not sure if that suggestion can move on, so it's up to your opinion Changes Blue Sword (sealed already) Green Sword (sealed already) El's Blessing (White) (sealed already) Vestige of 1000 days (tradeable, sellable) Poison Protection Ring (sealed already) Trinity Force (lower chance to obtain) Undying Fighting Spirit (lower chance to obtain) Lord of Dawn (lower chance to obtain) Lord of Coldness (lower chance to obtain) CoBo's Special Monster Mask Cube (lower chance to obtain) suggested by @Rika Magic Amulet Lv.8 (higher chance to obtain) Magic Amulet Lv.9 (slightly higher chance to obtain) Pet Pick Up Item Aura (higher chance to obtain) Blessed Time and Space Scroll (higher chance to obtain) Inventory Expansion Card (all types) (slightly higher chance to obtain) All characters Transformation Tool (making a cube with them to obtain one random Tool, stackable up to 999) Sales Agent Certificate (VIP, 3 days) (change into: Sales Agent Certificate VVIP, 10 days) IB recolor TC rotation sets suggestion So we all know that there's a lot of recolor sets which were in past not used or vice versa - used even twice as main IB set in Treasure Chest. Problem is, a lot of those sets doesn't have all character recolors. Another thing is those sets are chose by staff, so people doesn't have a lot to say about their decision. So my thought is kinda connected to the old recolor IB contest. As I know files cannot be open anymore so there's no way to make recolor as it was before. But I do think that if staff is able to make their own recolors, they would be able to share the files of the sets to the player base who is interested in recoloring But, there's one thing which I'd change. Instead of giving players alll sets to make a random recolor, I'd rather ask them to recolor one, chosen by staff or players in pull set. There would be one winner or three, but only first place set could be the one which staff would implement into a game. That can sound badly, but imagine seeing 4th recolor of the same set in a game. We had this situation before. Also comparing work of players which made the same set can definitely make it easier to judge Another thing: I'd like to see old recolors in TC again , e.g Spring Fairy which wasn't in them for a long time (and is definitely worth opening) That's all <3 Hope you gonna like some of those ideas
  7. I'd like to see same option as Closers got - so basically possibility of turning off that effect in settings