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  1. I know that feeling really well Rumors destroyed lifes of few people who I know, including myself Thank you for your support and I hope you gonna have great time in your real life!
  2. Oh well.. First... Wind Sneaker. I wanted to play Grand Master but I was such a newbie that I didn't know which first class was her Then I played Code: Empress I remember after Empress I came back on Rena, but I did Grand Master in the end It was a time when there was no Chung yet
  3. They should reset that mission
  4. Just use begginer potion, there's mission for it
  5. IGN: Edelena Elesis: - Definitely too hot, uh! I should go to the beach.. Items used
  6. Chance is ofc lower with higher amount so RNG for those 100 shards will be low About 15 day ticket... I don't think idea for it will work Edit: let's be honest, new players won't open a lot of TC, unless they spend tons of money to sell EC and open them for fun. And ticket itself, even stackable might be annoying as hell for players who already got IBs. I won't even mention that they aren't bankshareable But I do know what we can add to the list, thank you for giving me idea