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  1. I'm sooo sorry I just had to-aujhsjsgjsbd
  2. I become a drug addict once my peroid comes- sorry I just wanted to let that out aha I do think that letting people know when a major up is going to come when you're like 95% sure is a good idea, but I can understand where their coming from to just say "No ETA". but I want to get on a hype train o well ;-;
  3. Bleeeeh, +1 It's annoying that it's not banksharable, but if the staff can't do it it is what it is aha.
  4. Could we just get rid of limited item sales qq sooo +1~
  5. Hihi! The IGN is SaoKai so uhm you can say hi in game if you want ahaa~ Enjoy your stay aha
  6. +1 cause this doesn't hurt anyone~ would be nice to get aha
  7. Yeah, but more like 99.8% +9, 0.2% +10, and 0% +11, But yeah the rng is props absolute shit to get a +11....